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Knowing my running mechanics outfielder just translate translates stumbled trade. That's interesting with your track experiment and you know p carroll came out and said this week that he loved it and all that stuff and i think a lot of people thought it was admirable what went into the thought process there. I know you wanted to try. It is that just a philosophy that you have or you just want to try a bunch of different stuff and and see what sticks what what went into that. Decay will after baker chase down. They added me on twitter. All right come here and not run at one of your trial v. ten sure enough. I mean i didn't back down from challenges from the moment that they add to their hamilton laid out that i was going to do it. Is there anything out there in that vein that you would want to try that you haven't athletic competition and experience. Is there something recent. Okay actually want to do this next. Maybe next offseason very spontaneous person so you have talked me probably mid wages to the nfl season. That's a that's a great philosophy to have. I want to talk about The nfc west and kind of the arms race going on there. Because you know you obviously trae. Lance goes the san francisco matt. Stafford goes to la really interesting division right now. How much do you keep up with that. And how much you keep an eye on. What that jockeying looks like in the offseason. Of course she bought out because No you gotta play twice year. Yeah nothing we have the best division in all sports right now from all festively defense competition too. Many dogs are on the field at one time. Like i think it's gonna be very fun this year Not.

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