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The dodge traffic center here's greg grind slowly so far nobody in a rush to help get rid of this wreck on the westbound beach before the liu we've got at least the center lane knocked out of service as a result in absolute standstill going back to northern boulevard as i see a jam cam right now we see a truck trying to get around this wreck over at the moment you got two lanes knocked out of a westbound beach yulia atop the wife and that it looks like more trouble everybody is standing still getting down past the williamsburg bridge on the westbound beach yuille as i see that on another one of the many 10 10 which jam cams the other way the inbound go want us he's going to be too we combo very slow from a tough verizon on getting up past the prospect expressway we go to new jersey issues on the northbound turnpike at a truck lanes after interchange twelve they pushed a wreck off to the shoulder but the truck lanes to a mess at him woodbridge northend carleen street you better all the way on up to at newark miles and miles of backups getting to jersey city on one of nine southbound you are loaded up getting into one thirty nine before the tunnel we circle where the left and centre lane injured knocked out because the water may break we're seeing delays going all the way back through north bergen added this hour just avoid one in nine entitled the avenue if at all possible here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels the inbound upper level of the george washington bridge thirty to thirty five minutes twenty to thirty downstairs lincoln tunnel about an hour into the city holland tunnel we're looking at least 25 minutes i'm greg rice on ten tan wins first is here for small businesses with health insurance that fits your employees needs talk to your broker or visit jeffrey quote lord today traffic sponsored by health first wins.

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