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With escape from Melbourne Park. And we act Catherine's hotel beer in hand to biz law on his first grab Matt how many do you typically drink yet too? Good to good Catherine's on the first of two weeks ago. Enormous, but it is it is is keep heavy orca. All right. Okay. We'll believe you. We've had a full day tennis, folks, we're gonna get smack into it here on the tennis podcast brought an association with telegraph and trying to think where best to start ready because so much has happened. I've just done the engineer Kerber match against Kimberly Burrell. I can tell you. It's the place to start to say it was one of the worst ever seen in terms of its competitive nature. Six one six two two hundred cab ends Ryan still. Rafael the Dow will we'll go backwards. We'll go backwards. That's what's happening. Thanks because I had about four athletes. That's not really know. What day it is? Let's go backwards and Rafael and the Dow next up he played against and for three games. It was brilliant. Competitive back and forth. Changes of momentum of then. Yeah. Printing, three minutes for the first three games and actually demo had a break point, which he he didn't take. And actually, I think it was. There was a whole overall in Dow's favor that game alive. And then thereafter, very interesting. What she and we'd Leon Smith because we were we were little concerned from Dallas perspective in that. He was running with within noy replaying sort of play Corti tight rowdies looping and the speed of demo is just absurd. Really? And and we were kind of thinking about how you gonna win points because you can't get the Bill passed this guy. Suddenly after three games, it was lighting down made a conscious decision by plane anymore. I am going to just destroy and he just started to take off with every single shotty had his disposal. He went full power. And just a blitz. Rated demon off it was a little bit boy against ma'am, really wasn't. If you line them up. And you just think how is Dimo supposed to live with this physical peace that is. Exactly the review that Nidal wanted that much. I spoke to call us more. Yes. That I and I asked the question does Rafeh particularly relish these matches against the young guys. You know, the opportunity to say I'm gonna second is not your time is still might time expecting assaultive. Prevaricating type perfectly nice but saying nothing responsive like yeah. You know, he really all the matches and call us more, basically. Yeah, he does. So I think man against boy is exactly the review the Raffray was wanting today, and I mean. We haven't learned anything more about dementia tie. Great play. He's still lightning-quick. He's still going to be. Ten. We've just learned that. They're all imitations. You know, it's not an unlimited ceiling. He doesn't have the weapons phone dog can can run around at the back of the court Riley way. And then can suddenly decide on this rally. Boom, four hundred Denno Conti that do feel that when say new Dow retires. I'm not sure that there's that many of the people that could do to dinner or whatnot doubt. Very could on a good day with his big game. But I'm not I'm not convinced. I think demo could live with most the thing is, you know, we're still in the air of federal dollars Yaacob Asia when they are actually gone the standards required to win things is not going to be quite as high as is at the moment because we're talking about probably the three old time greatest. So for Dimona to, you know, push Odile at times tonight and find him. So, you know, just not as good players not quite physically able to live with him. I don't think it's it's not a big crisis for them. Annoys struck me tonight. Sorry, Catherine was ten years since the Dow won the title here. Ten years. No, I hadn't quite sent down. And and grappled with the reason he won the title one's actually said he'd win it twice because I just assumed. Assume in the might better record at USO. But my you kind of think he'll be not by the narratives that we impose upon dome. Maybe actually the the staff in the facts, don't don't bear them out. But I mean..

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