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More power hungry we'll talk about that next right now traffic and weather together on the eight years Joyce Nielsen and in garland eastbound six thirty five for northwest highway looks like that accident now cleared and gone just residual slowing in the immediate area in Richardson self L. thirty five just south of bush turnpike a stalled eighteen Wheeler looks like most of that's off to the right so I just use some caution in that area overall self out seventy five still looking good thirty thirty five minute drive from McKinney into downtown Dallas now on the northbound side of seventy five before the bush turnpike had reports of a large pothole affecting the left lane as well as the H. O. V. so use caution there what's it over to John will take a look at a snag in fort worth it could be a downtown north on thirty five W. before nor cited R. V. is blocking the right lane slowing traffic from one twenty one also a Bedford north bound and now southbound one forty would roll over in the left lane your cheeks Barker mid cities as traffic flow coming up from Harwood and down from the latest the map goes south out east loop eight twenty very heavy from one twenty one from the split their down to down past Trinity towards Randall bill for the river north outside slow passing Randall mail and southbound east to pay twenty slow from very down past two eighty seven Martin Luther king with left lane road work in Rockwall thirty near FM thirty five forty nine there are patching crews back in the left lane in each direction so watch for some slowing there I'm George hill so you're not deported ten fifty eight AM breaking traffic alerts when they happen we've got a chance for some scattered showers throughout the day today otherwise cloudy mild high of seventy and yes those gusty winds out of the south could get as high as thirty miles an hour not tonight we get down to sixty five wind still coming out of the south with some patchy drizzle tomorrow though that's when things really change a lunch time cold front takes us from near seventy down to the forties by the afternoon.

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