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What we'd seen was not what he perceived in the cop happened. I think Monaco was shoop would move. I don't really understand Monica zip. Many money frustration with Monaco is when you probably wouldn't be on Paul. But we had such a fast car, we had we had a great strategy with sort of. What of what we're gonna do that? We would have on the race. Where I kick myself is I should have made that even clearer to him that there was not the fresh on pulp assertion that there might have been and so. I'm not. He he did something he shouldn't have done. And there is no doubt about it. And I think he ever had an excuse for it. So, but you know, in a career spanning how many years twenty twenty odd years three hundred and six races thrown six races. You've mentioned three incidents. He's pretty tough wrestler time, they got me wrong. But it's three instances. That's a one percent aberration rate. When you're in the spotlight every race. So. Thank you. How tough was it for him? Do you think after Monaco in particular because his peers the other drivers came down pretty hard on him? Didn't they remember Alonzo was very outspoken Weber too? I think Mark Webber I think he had had various people that he respected in various people. He didn't didn't pay much attention to that was all defense mechanism of being of frontline form on drivers. So there were definitely people. I mean, we don't make a hack, and they was had a of time for you huge respect for him. I think when you're out on the circuit. We don't really appreciate it. But when you're out in the circuit, and you're seeing what people do and you seeing the little moves they make in the little twitches, they make and the way they drive and the Bilas e. You know? It's a nice here. Any drive we're come in and say know, so so tossup because of watched them out in the second. He hasn't taken that corner twice to say in two laps in the there have they'd have opinions of each other. And they'd have opinions of of of who would be a good driver. You know, here they respected knew that might. So I think a lot depended on on the wasn't saying what I think when make add things to say about Mike Lee will set them to Michael privately. And I think that had quite an impact on Michael when when it happened, and that was, you know, make it was both very honorable in a sense. But also, very smart and the way he did things because if he had had some say the Mike go and tell him privately and that had my Michael respected him and it had much bigger impact. And so on during away in the press about it. It. So it must have had some impact on him. But I didn't think I never got the impression that it was. Hey, just saw that as part of the battle. You don't think he was an inherently dirty drive? It depends. What you mean? The reason I'm thinking of that is maker Spar two thousand he eventually got passed using Zonta Ricardo's onto us army. But the lat before Michael and Adam on the grass, I think going up to lake home, but my prisoners. You know, you really competitive a rally complained about anyone else either. I mean, you just mentioned the Ville no thing, but that was the say more of an aberration. But he really. You really winge moaned about someone else being tough on him. If someone else had eight didn't get him on the radio that often saying our sound says done this or removed on the breaking redid that. It should be doing. It was kind of. Live. I saw die by the sword. Type of thing that everyone will know if they want to get past me they're going to have to do special job. I saw the so the vernacular being racing rival sunny a top line racing driver. So was your relationship with him strictly professional? Did you guys hang out away from the race track? We. Family's huge special occasions, you know, my birth as his birthday is anniversary. Is you know, I was we as a family was like to have celebrate special occasions are my fortieth which was ninety four. He he came to my party in the UK wedding anniversary is he loved we went some of his partisan the left, they're always fancy dress. He loved dressing up..

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