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His talent is ability the aforementioned, Phil Hartmann, Shelby shopping Whitey Bolger. His attorney says he's going to the government over the notorious mobsters prison, killing according to the New York Post lawyer Hank Brennan wants to know why authorities transferred of frail eighty nine year old gangster to a federal jail in West Virginia and put him in with the general population. Right until says, he killing y Bolger is sort of like why you should bang Morgan Fairchild just on your resume because right dig like when did it happen, right? You know, what I mean like, you could get, you know, in the next decade or so there's a chance guy driving a forklift might be. To put her on the resumes. Feeler instal. Yeah, fellas. Yeah. Well, so Brennan says that he plans on filing a wrongful death and negligence suit on behalf of Bulger's state fucked wind Belcher Morgan Fairchild Caroline, the bureau of prison spokesperson says Bolger was moved from the Florida penitentiary where he was serving a life sentence for eleven murders and other crimes because of a threat he made against a staff member less than twenty four hours after the October thirtieth transfer the winter hill gang boss was bludgeoned to death with a padlock stuffed in a sock. It's a tough way to go. Yeah. But good, I'm glad that people. People had a lifetime worth of crime and killing people don't just get to slip away in their sleep in their prison cell for an I liked it. They have violent death. She my mild thing is. You killed eleven people in knows what more now when you die in your sleep. That's fine. But you may not know it when you getting killed with a padlock in a tube sock. No, no, it, you know, it, and I'm just glad that he died knowing it. I'm unhappy. Charles Manson didn't experience the same fate. All right..

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