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Hi this is Gareth Mary. You may remember me for my part in Star Trek. Both in Mirror Mirror and the cloud minders enjoy listening to Turkey untold. Hello and welcome to trick untold the Star Trek podcast that goes beyond the stars on your host. Matt capitals. Today. We have the pleasure of talking to another character actor who appeared on the original star trek show from the nineteen sixties. Garth pillsbury appeared in two episodes of original show. His first appearance was part of one of the best episodes from the original series that has spawned many many follow ups that continue today, and that episode was mirror. Mirror there. He played a crewman named Wilson who protects captain Kirk from Mirror Chekov only get socked in the jaw as credited from the captain after he followed that appearance up with another role in season. In the episode of the cloud minders where he plays a troglodyte disruptor, a terrorist or freedom fighter depending on your view in the episode who's part of a group trying to gain more equal rights for his cave dwelling people against the culture and elitist people from the city name. Who Literally Live on the clouds? It's very much on the nose, but that kind of summarizes season three star. Trek doesn't it after Star Trek garth appeared in many other pictures typically falling in the category of what I would call exploitation films oftentimes but ultimately movies that just don't take themselves too seriously. One of those movies was written by Roger. Ebert before he'd become the world famous critic that many folks no from today however, he did get to work on one of the earliest films that starred Kevin Costner and he's got some good memories about that fill these days. Garth spans more time behind the lens as a photographer and cinematographer, and that includes taking fix playboy. Mr Pillsbury has had a very diverse lifetime of careers and at eighty two years old he shows no signs stopping anytime soon before we begin this episode I'd like to remind you to follow us on facebook twitter and instagram at trick on told all one word no spaces..

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