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The world? Dick Kentucky with sputtering offense. Benny Snell for the most part held in check. When this book logging. I don't know. That's just the ugliest went I've ever seen. There's no other way to describe it to you. Coaching staff. The Kentucky would say the exact same thing. It wasn't pretty art sock. But now it sets up a basically a playoff elimination game SEC east elimination game a trip to Atlanta for the winner of Georgia Kentucky next week and Alexis Robinson. The place is going to be like it's a basketball weekend. Do you? Do you really believe in Kentucky? Absolutely. Was a seven point Kentucky ranked number twelve was a seven point dog to the Missouri. Tigers coming into that game. And they and they I mean credit them. They got the win. But Kentucky to me is. Is there an enigma? Because they to me they thrive off Benny Snell. They were at their best when Benny Snell was still in the Heisman contention race. But a sixty seven yard from Benny Snell doesn't get my juices going got bench bench at one point was not on the field for later that game because he mouthed off to his offense quarter Edie Edie grand, but they end up finding away and they're not on 'nigma because of the best. Maybe one of the best defense is in all of college. Football, right? They're giving up a rental eleven points a game, and they are legit. And Josh Allen folks hills. You're not watching what Josh Allen is doing Hillary is a game changer. Arguably one of the top five picks of the draft in if you played for Ohio State or played for Texas or played for LSU. He'd be looked at as hey is this a Heisman Trophy candidate type guy? He doesn't get the love because he plays for the university of Kentucky. My man is a legend in the making. And now with the banged up offense of line for Georgia. Be very careful. It could be the Kentucky Wildcats in the AT L one other game that we had to get into. Well, some of you saw it. I think fifteen people saw it in Palo Alto number.

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