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Said that that means that any decisions Mister Muller made or information he on covered that he did not include in his report will be out of bounds for the hearing also has a long standing practice of not talking about people who were investigated but not charged the justice department made clear to Robert Muller he urged Mister Muller to stick to Mahler's promise made in late may that if you were to be called to testify he would not have anything to say beyond what was in the report which has been released in a slightly well in a somewhere in a somewhat redacted form but as we know available to members of Congress in a much less art redacted of form be interested starts at eight thirty he sent yeah that means I'm going to I'm I'm busy as some place to go I guess well I'm I'm I'm gonna meet well it's gonna be for three hours and three hours or eight thirty to eleven thirty and then take a break then back what twelve thirty or one o'clock to four probably a two hour lunch yes DC is I could be a three hour lunch okay how long does it take to drink three martinis but the three well I I I would just realizing that you know I normally don't get up to like nine thirty ten o'clock and I got a doctor's appointment so I've catch up to do big time yeah I went so be big all right so this this advisory direction from the department of justice we have to keep in mind this is not Muller's report it belongs to the Attorney General yes and he Muller is no longer an employee but you talk about the work product of an employee especially one of this nature and that is taken very very seriously you look at the the fact that the report was released to the extent that it what's and so much was made about is a big deal now add to it the possibility of more himself walking outside the essentially the report itself anything in the report and expanding on that well as we've said first of all it's a see why a thing to begin with do you really want to do that because you open yourself up to a a number of questions once you do that then be a big day including that the risk of perjury we'll throw that in but now you add to it this trying to come to I guess the conclusion of point in a direction that the Democrats want you to go on that is guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty or even the process of getting to the point of writing compiling and and issuing that report well the the you start talking about the process and again you're going to open up a huge Pandora's box so we our theory is that he would likely stick to the report then again smaller and call me seem to be guys especially after mower make that statement on that day and was essentially telling the liberals on Capitol Hill you need to move you need to take this and move toward impeachment you need you're not using it right you're not you're not doing this right who knows could could this end up being it could I look back at this I'm I'm late Wednesday afternoon or Wednesday night getting ready to the show and I say to myself man I'm sure glad I got up late and had that doctor's appointment because nothing happened well again if if if he does do it right and and frankly it would be I think first and foremost of self preservation if you stick to the script which is the report then that's what you're doing I mean I've if if he knows what's good for him legally speaking then I think that's your only play again I'm not saying he'll do that but I but I I would if I have to put money on it I would say that's going to be as low well look if if he is asked if he is asked and answers let the hypothetically if he is asked did any of your associates or any other lawyers did did they suggest impeachment archery did could not impeachment did they did they suggest and believe that the president committed obstruction of justice and should be charged if he says yes to that then he has to answer every single question that's brought before him by Republicans everything so where does he go besides of and I forgot we're ready to get a yesterday or two days ago somebody had in there if Mahler sticks to the four corners you know the answers are going to be completely and totally boring yeah and they actually so they they said in this article because I was sort of joking but they they said that it actually that if he sticks to wit he will say well that that is contained in my report and then I'll turn back to his lawyers and say and what page was that on okay hang on one second let you know what page that was on and what page we you know we we discussed that well you're not sure yet notable will will hopefully before what was it okay page three thirty two what would you please read page three thirty two force okay and then they give it to many reads page three thirty two yeah but if he's going to stick to the four corners as they call it the four corners of the report then and and he can't bring up any the redactions right and he can't bring up any third parties which one by the way was not in the report to begin with so any any any third parties that were not indicted well then it's gonna be boring you gonna keep just keep he's gonna keep referencing well that was covered in the report and we'll try to find out what page it is for you will get back to you on that it's going to be three hours of that and it and it will just end up I you know I don't because the only thing they're trying to fight they're not they know there's no collusion I believe they know there's no real obstruction of justice but that's the only thing that they have is obstruction of justice because that's the gray area that mmhm Mahler wouldn't cover right and so yeah add to that the possibility of them in any of them putting up a hypothetical well if hypothetically if gay can answer there's no way to do that you can answer that.

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