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Meantime the white house denying reports that president trump made derogatory statements about immigrants during a recent meeting press secretary sarah huckabee sanders saying several tse senior staff members in that june meeting also deny report in the new york times citing two unnamed officials who say the president said the people coming from haiti quotes all had aids and that recent nigerian immigrants would never quote go back to their huts in africa and early warning fire with a london zoo killing one animal leaving four others missing this zoo director dominic germany speaking new sky news devastated this aardvark michelle irish from the fire anomaly have full me accounts and with a currently unaccounted for he took seventy two firefighters more than three hours to put out the blaze which broke out near a petting zoo in the mirror can't enclosure the top leadership of the miss america organization now resigning this coming after an email scandal the targeted some pass pageant winners for abuse based on their parents intellect and their sex lives patten ceo sam haskell resigning today a day after he was suspended by the board president josh randall and chairman linda weidner also stabbing down from the organization fox news fair and balanced when i grow up i wanna be a new pair of blue jeans when i grow up i wanna be a kid's first computer when i grow up i wanna be a.

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