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House that might have dispagne that the type of sheathing that's behind their that's all black usually otherwise if it's it's a newer home then if any tale as have ratte like that is highly because it input put a wrap up so water got behind the old citing and caused that all that what to rat who which is not what you one via right he by the way the project across the street phnom only your once a week but this wherever there put moon across the street they're building some their bills they're taking their time what is that view as g green board that they have up there have you seen that well that's a insulated panel with curiel indicates every i think that it actually has how strap already on it so you don't have to it's like a i it's very i'll belt and so you don't have to put plywood up and then r o s p and then put a house wrapped up over that you put the the thus panels up and then you just tape amal and you flash i'm just site he would house rap zip it that a quantum leap the good stuff it's been around for twenty years or so yeah i haven't heard anything back about it i mean it definitely saves a whole step in the process yeah i'm just wondering because this thing like a sieve arctic they're taking their time building this thing is a commercial place yeah it'll red cross street the toward the burger king go is that what was what was on something as long as it's flash tape that i this seems are then you eliminate that that air of if that house rap if you use a cheaper house rapids snack and tear and then the systems compromised sketch okay who's gonna another text pushtoon for you and we'll do that next on the fix it show on 620 wtmj.

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