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Emanating from Syria. There's no question that we continue to face serious challenges for Al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria as well as from around Russia and the Assad regime itself. Despite this body will debate US military strategy towards Syria in the coming weeks as it conducts oversight over the administration's apparently ongoing review of its Syria policy. Admittedly. There are no easy solutions in Syria. I hope the administration and congress will be deliberate of sober as we consider the riff. Various approaches to the endgame the fight against the physical caliphate of. Of. After all American lives critical national security interest in the future of a turbulent yet. Critical region are all at stake. The debate is forthcoming. Imagine it could be contentious. There should be little debate. However about the Caesar Syria civilian Protection Act, which has overwhelming bipartisan support and endorsement of the administration. This Bill which is included in this package speaks to the human tragedy of the Syrian civil war. It provides military tools for responding to the atrocities conducted by the regime about shar, all L Assad. It will hold accountable those responsible for the torture and murder countless of Syrian civilians and provide more leverage for diplomats and the conflict through peaceful negotiations consistent with the demands of the UN Security Council resolution twenty to fifty four the Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, he'll be using a procedure that bypasses committee action bringing this package on the Middle East to the Senate floor directly early as next week Republican. Senator Pat Roberts of Kansas announced today, he is not going to run for re election in twenty twenty. He was at the Kansas. Department of agriculture in Manhattan, Kansas. So for a boy who was born in Topeka. Grew up in Halton. Glad purple case I've been given a wonderful opportunity and privilege by the people of Kansas through sixteen elections. In the house, representing the big I and eight elections. S twenty four elections. I'm damn proud of that undefeated graphic. And it's all thanks. Thank you. Thank you very.

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