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Doing that but before that i had jack kerouac scroll and paris at this museum so i i was going to speak at the museum before an and go to paris you know and hang out for a few days in pearson do that so anyway when i got the here's the thing that i absolutely wanted to do was go to jim morrison's grave i mean you know it just there is no question it just fought for people for my generation and just in a you know being a musician in in being someone that just um loves to think about the artistic can i love our authors riders one hundred thomas was a good friend of mine and that sort of thing but you know so anyway so as to make a long story short you know went to his grave got some great footage i the colleges you brought broadcast of intense energy others a few people hanging her out there in and then you know i i was kinda like you know i tried to get the you know the the party started if you would just from a emotional stamped wages you know what is this when you think about morrison and that sort of thing um but i i just concluded through actually graham nash stephen stills a really good from i i know graham but not like an steven but anyway somehow graham it ended up with jim morrison's notes of the last year of his life in pairs like he had this leather bound book and and you know if you went to a movie if you every did he would scroll thoughts in it and just right right right you know on so i i you know i i just ended up getting that and it was interesting when we're talking about you know archiving things in that sort of thing i was excited to just to be able to get this kind of this morrison you know sorta just treasurer that that um you know of course the last year of his life.

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