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Both of my best friends have problems with food krista stephanos new special called thirty eight inch waist i get it that's funny he was just on my husband's podcasts kill me now was yeah and so sometimes like he has people on that i don't know and vice versa so michael courses great like he's he's in with the bros a little bit so it's like a he can end like all my god he's great he's so go don't worry about him he's still hitting he's most to everybody he's so was the first gay person you've ever met and he was almost thirty what and he's supposed to know what a pup is you know what i mean all right i'm gonna ask you let me give you another right here yeah tell me what you here okay first thing that comes to mind who haven't grabbing by the fishy eat a lot i see his ugly disgusting powder doughnut lips grab them by the pussy that that's what that thirty percent of people here also all right okay he want to hear the argument on that what do you mean now fifty percent here that what are the other fifty i respect women no way that's where we're at now again now woman respect women so this is that we got yeah we have to not be divided but we have to get the same air drums all right frank look that's that's violated enough people.

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