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To the corners corner segment of asked the lawyer This year. You know, it's an election year. I mean, yeah, we're not running for governor. We're not running for president. But there are people they're important races throughout New York City City Council races, let along the race for mayor. And what with us right now We have two guests. Fran Villamarin from the New York State Conservative Party and Brian Fox candidate for City Council in neighborhood where I live in Bay Ridge. Welcome to the show, guys. Thanks for having me on great to be here. Now, Fran. You and I live in the same neighborhood pretty much. Uh, We got a city councilman out here. What's wrong with him? Well, basically the City Council when we have is absent, he doesn't represent the community. The quality of life since he's been elected has gone down. Taxes are up. Crimes up, but a quality of life is really decreased, and we need somebody in that position that can help save our community and saved the city. We need somebody that's going to be present and do the job. Okay. Which is our other guest Right here. Brian Fox. Brian. Welcome to the show. Thank you so much. Okay. Now, Fran, why did you guys decide to endorse Bryant? Brian has the qualities and qualifications to be a city councilman and represent the community well. He believes that we need to improve the quality of life. He's a big supporter of the N Y P D. He wants to drive down crime. He wants to lessen the burden on our small businesses and the people that live in the community, and that's the kind of person that we need in the City Council, and that's something So that's the kind of person that the Conservative Party wants in the City Council. Okay, Brian, let me ask you this question. Why did you decide to run for City Council? I mean, who wants to get involved in politics in today's world? Yeah, that's a good question. Very good questions. So I think that being a small business owner myself, I actually have the I T staffing firm. They run out of the house right now. I've been in business for quite quite a while, but I think that over the time of just living in bear Ege I've seen an unfortunate turn around with with with several points. I think crime has risen over the last. You know, if you even give it a span of between 7 to 10 years, I think that crime has gone significantly up. Vandalism, graffiti, The quality of life has gone down and as a concerned neighbor and and and business owner, um I decided to, um you know, put my hat in the ring and and and run to hopefully make a change in an impact will it locally in the community. Now. I mean, right now, it seems like New York City. Uh, you're talking about inmates running the asylum. I mean, if that doesn't fit right now, I don't know when it will, but You know has has the I'm say his name Justin Brannan. He's done anything as far as speak out against bail. The bail reform is sledding. Criminals, commit a felony a violent felony and get re released in a few hours. I don't think he's he's done anything to address that. And frankly, I mean, I do give credit where credit is due, and unfortunately, in this case, it really is not to give. Um I don't think that he's done anything to address the uptick in crime. I don't think he's done anything to address the situation with with Bill Reform and qualify and the qualified immunity situation. Um, we see so many, for instance, is whether there protests or whether they're just, you know, general crime. You'll see that police are a lot less willing. Now there's to make necessary arrests due to the fear of being personal help being held personally liable in several cases, whether it's a necessary arrest, or, you know, whatever The particular situation is, Um, so it's an answer your question. I think he has done um, very, very little, if not anything at all to address the uptick in crime. If I made may add to that Not only has he done very, very little, but he's done harm. Is actually supported defunding the police. He voted for that in the City Council. Yes, absolutely. And and and that's that's a major issue for me. I mean being that I back to blue and vigorously black to blue and and the police department. Local law enforcement corrections. I've that's going to be part of my platform from here until election Day. Uh, and moving forward beyond that, um, he has advocated for not just the dismantling of the N Y p D but also wants to introduce Unarmed caseworkers to show up to potentially violent situation. So it's going to step further, if not even just defunding the police but also supporting non arm's individuals going into potentially violent situations, which I don't know what world he's living in, but I know that in my ideology does not work. All right now I'm friend has Justin Brannan done anything to help the business owners in Bay Ridge or wherever. I mean, I don't I don't know of anything. Maybe he can tell us how I don't know of anything that he's done to help the business owners and be rich or any part of his district. The policies that he's voted for in the City Council have done nothing but damage the environment for businesses in the community, So I I don't see that he's done anything good. Um, I think that everything that he's done. All the votes that have taken have been detrimental to people not only to business owners, but the people that live in the community as well. Well, let me ask you something apply to the landlord's right now. Mean landlords can't affect anybody. Is a moratorium. The eight They're in some cases. So so somebody's not paying rent. They can't do anything about it. They've got to let the 10 and sit there. But at the same time there real estate taxes went up. And I think that's unconscionable. Everybody is getting government handouts, but the landlords and homeowners Your real estate taxes are going up. Meanwhile, or everything else, all the other expenses. Everybody else is getting a handout except the landlords. That's true. And if I can add to that the whole idea behind the property taxes in New York City have been a problem, especially for our community. In Bear Ridge. We pay higher property text and in other neighborhoods such as Park Slope. It's inequitable, and he promised, he promised. Justin Brannan promised that he would help fix the situation that he was going to do something about it. He has done nothing about it. Brian, What do you have Anything, dear to that? Yeah, I definitely agree with friends. I mean, it's it's something that he has an address, and I think that that's that's I mean being, you know, homeowners in in the local community, something that there needs to be a plan put in place. That's Feasible. That's plausible, and that's something that we we plan on putting together. Um, once elected. Okay. Now just quality of life, Brian. What? What do you have to say about quality of life in Bay Ridge Dyker Heights area. Sure it could definitely improve. I mean, I think that whether your renter's whether you're a homeowner, um, anyone living within the district deserves a great quality of life right so well, going back to what I was mentioning before, in terms of the not just the uptick in crime, but also when it comes to the lack of trash pickup On the corners of the trash that has been kind of built up and accumulated not just on the corners but also just in the streets..

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