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Let's make sure. . That we have a global ceasefire, , let's make sure that you'll have a vaccine and let's make sure that when we rebuild our economies through so. . Fifteen. . This. . Is Colin from U. N.. . News. . September marks the most high profile period in the calendar the opening of the new General Assembly. . session. . This year is a special, , the organization as it reaches its seventy fifth year. . But preparations of overshadowed by the global. . covid nineteen pandemic which has led to practically all of the events surrounding the general debates of the General Assembly being moved online. . Ahead of the opening, , you news may Yakub sense down an appropriate distance with the UN Secretary General Antonio Guitarist in this special that his own podcast find out what he wants to get out of the event and what can be salvaged from a year ridden with multiple crises. . May began the interview on the subject that can't be ignored covid nineteen and Austin UN chief to assess global progress so far I'm very worried. . I mean the pandemic Sean, , the enormous fragility of the world's the not only ration- tool. . The coffee that I mean, we , have friend Julia. . Climate Change to the lawlessness in cyberspace even to the risks of nuclear proliferation to the impacts of inequality. . In the cohesion of societies but the the vitals that is a microscopic vitals has put us on our knees, , and unfortunately, , these should lead to a lot of humility in world leaders and to unity and solidarity fighting the coverage. . Now that as we know unit, , each country has adopted some strategy and we see the result, , the vitals as progress to hear, , and at the same time, , there is not enough solidarity in relation to the developing countries and we see all in the. . People are suffering so much and to a certain extent disease negative for everybody because. . If we are not able to address properly the COVID also in developing countries. . The vitals goes back and forth and. . We will pay a heavy price even in the richest countries in the world. . What would you hope government and community to do to overcome and emerge stronger? ? We need everybody to work together in cooperation, , and now we have a good test and the test is the treatment and the vaccine. . It is absolutely essential that the vaccine be considered a global public good people's vaccine and that we want have a competition of countries trying to get as many vaccines as possible for themselves. . Forgetting about those that have less resources, , we need a vaccine for everybody everywhere in affordable. . The conditions because we will only be safe everybody's safe to think that <hes> we can preserve the rich people and let the people <hes> suffer. . It's a it's a stupid mistake because <hes> <hes>, , there is no way. . Everybody will not pay heavy price if not everybody is properly. . Supported by the vaccination. . On Climate Change Covid nineteen may have diverted attention and resources away from the urgent need for climate action and you have said categorically, , people have to raise their voices. . Business has to their site. . Major emitters need to do more to save our planet. . You'd recently said call is going up in smoke. . What are three key things that must be done immediately for the Paris accord to work and the word to shift skier so we What is our objective? ? The objective has been defined by the scientific community. . We absolutely must limit the growth in temperature to one point, , five degrees namely at the end of the century for that, , we need to have coronal throw in twenty fifty, , and for that, , we need to have a reduction of about forty five percents of emissions in the next. . So the objectives clear. . How can we reach them? ? We need a total commitment special if the big images to all the transformation elections, , inanity, , negative culture, , you need history in transportation in all his whole life. . We need transformational actions that make it possible to reach those objectives and it's very simple. . We should stop spending money taxpayers, , money and subsidies for fossil fuels. . We should massively invest in renewable energy because it's cheaper, , it's most profitable. . It's it's not only the right thing to do is the best economic sink to do <hes>. . We need to stop the construction of coal plants we need to invest. . In. . New Forms of mobility namely through electric cars we've invested in either login that is the will of the future. . And at the same time, , we need to conduct the. . Protection of Biodiversity Protection of forests <hes> transformation. . In formations in our agriculture <hes>. . In, , all these aspects we need to work together with a common strategy and with the clear objective, , we need to be carbon neutral in twenty fifty. . The twenty thirty deadline set for the achievement of these seventeen sustainable goals is really not too far away. . How should world leaders refocused efforts? ? To achieve a disease after all, , it's our blueprint. . For a more sustainable and equitable planet, , we'll because of the covid nineteen in the needles to recover economists, , we are spending trillions of dollars at the present moment. . So if you are spending billions of dollars, , let's do it in line with the sustainable development goals that's fluid in line with agenda twenty thirty. . Let's <hes> rebuilt. . Is Better. . With more equity fighting inequality, , more sustainability, , fighting climate change and all the other aspects of relevant in this Central Government Wolves beat the delegation of poverty be to the protection of the oceans beat. . Seems ready to education to health to governance. . So the the cover these threats is a problem, , but it is also an opportunity because as to change. . We can change in the right direction as we are mobilizing massive resources to rebuild. . We can rebuilt in the right direction and our blueprint must be the agenda twenty thirty and disassembly Robbins schools. . The UN has been around for seventy five years and you've called on everyone to participate actively in the UN seventy-five conversations. . especially, , those not often heard including youth you have spoke to you. . But. . Also, , you were often in listening mode. . What encouraged you from those conversation with us A very strong commitment of us to International Corporation <hes>. . The Yankees much more cosmopolitan than my generation. . They feel universalist approach to problems. . They understand that we need to be together and so the stand that we need a stronger multi-lateralism but the multi-lateralism that is also multilateralists in which they can participate a decision making. . And these very strong commitment of the young people to ideas like universal coverage to ideas like the climate action to ideas like <hes> more justice inequality in our societies gender equality. . Fight Against Racism all these aspects show a very. . Young people. . That is the biggest hope I ever to our. . Common. . Future. . Some twenty-five years ago the Beijing Declaration was a historic turning point for advancing the rights of women. . But Millennia of Patriarchy have resulted in a male dominated world. . What would you like to see men do to ensure we have gender policy party and equality men must understand that it is these are. . Not only of women to have gender equality agenda parody because the world will be better. . It is relieving a male dominated world with a male dominated culture. . That is why it is so important Indian which parity and we have done it at top level, but , we need to do it everywhere. . There is essentially a question of power. . And we need to have I. don't . like to use empowering women. . It looks like we're giving bullet women. . Power novel is not given it's taken, , but we need to have women moving in order to assert their role in society, , and we need men understanding that that is a positive thing for them. . Mr. . You've spoken passionately about inequalities and justice. . The. . Cause of many unfortunately problems in the war today. . What are some of the most damaging example of these and how can multilaterism be the answer for all humankind to benefit it's very shocking from the point of view of wealth and income to see percents of humankind having more resources than off of the world's population. . But I would say the most shocking aspects of inequality are not necessarily linked to money. . It's equality linked to discriminations in relation to gender inflation to. . <hes>. . Racist. . Innovation to religion insulation to. . People with this with ability in addition to the LGBTQ community. . I mean we need to have a society in which cohesion is all objectives which we need to invest in the collision to make every community indigenous communities. . Minorities in societies, , every community to feel that their identities respected but they also they are part of the society as a whole. . Mr Finally the ward the last word is for you. . This is a virtual general assembly. . Devoid from the usual trump far. . But full of urgency and Gravitas and hope. . What would you want? ? Would leaders and the public to take away from this UN Jason Of course many things, , but if I would have to choose. . Priorities I would say, , let's make sure. . That we have a global ceasefire. . Let's make sure that you'll have a vaccine that is a global public good at People's vaccine, , and let's make sure that when we rebuild our economies new to each governor. . That was UN Secretary General Antonio guitarfish speaking to you a news current unit chief May Yaacob for the special three. . UN. . General Assembly addition of our flagship podcast the zone. . I'm Connor Lennon thanks for

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