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Gators later on state debate in today's episode is sponsored by circle struggling to make sure five more minutes doesn't end up being five more hours use circle the goal to set limits and end the screen time debate with your kids once and for all circle is the easiest way to manage your family's online time across all they're connected devices inside and outside your home with circle home plus and the circle app parents can filter what content is allowed set limits for screen time and monitor history story and usage right now our listeners get a limited time offer of thirty dollars off of a circle home plus when you visit meet circle dot com slash smash and enter smash at checkout get thirty dollars off when you visit meet circle dot com slash smash dan enter smash at checkout. This is is a limited time podcast exclusive offer. That's meet circle dot com slash smash and enter smash to save thirty dollars. This episode is sponsored by homer reading homer. Reading is the proven learn to read program that combines your child's passions and current reading level to create a personalized learning to read plan designed for kids ages two to eight it offers thousands of blessings on phonics sight words a._b._c.'s and more and grows with your child as they learn. This isn't just for your child to practice. This is the only program that actually teaches children to read step by step with educational and engaging in content designed by learning experts homer offers hundreds of stories. Your child love from classic. Fairy tales like little red riding hood to new favorites like angelina. A ballerina one membership is designed for the whole family with up to four customizable profiles. Your homer membership includes two apps homer story's a i love to read library of interactive stories and homer reading the proven learn to read program visit learn with homer dot com slash boom home to start a thirty day trial. That's learned with homer dot com slash boom <unk> pass nash <music> <unk> smash..

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