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Drivers tonight lists two main story for today as it's gonna be because the <hes> the officials in russia told us it is time for us to make announcement about patrick byrne yeah patrick's bit on the show a number of times. We like the financial time not comeback now no longer sanctioned. He's kind of hippie dippy right and he's a self proclaimed hippie but he made this announcement last week that the f._b._i. Directed him to pursue a romantic relationship with if maria bettina who was an accused russian spy and as a result he has stepped down as c._e._o. Oh of overstock dot com you know we were in orlando and i think that was when he was on the news with some do do you remember the clip that he was on. He was just talking to some crazy stuff about is all like russia and he he was going off on some stuff saying that he had insider information on a a lot of stuff and then like the next week or so it comes out that he was in some relationship with maria. Bettina and boutin was serve is currently serving eighteen eighteen months in prison for acting under direction of kremlin back russian official identified as a former russian politician banker alexander torsion to curry favor with american political groups such as the n._r._a. and to promote russians interest in the u._s. Here's the thing that everything that we've heard in mainstream media about about russia hacking elections. It's all b. S. and i'll tell you who's done a really good job of discovering and documenting accurately accurately what the whole russia thing was really about. It's dan bongino. He's a radio show host. He's a very popular podcast series. He's written a book called spy gate and he has thoroughly footnoted undocumented. What really anybody who's aware of what really took place knows here and what happened with patrick byrne is. He says that he got quote. Unquote fishy orders regarding political espionage which he discover came from a guy named hits if you've heard this name before peter struck doc former f._b._i. Agent who was fired also james comey fired and former f._b._i. Lawyer lisa lisa page fired. There was some real shenanigans and i think that burn knows some stuff that he's not yet talking about well. It's really interesting if you follow gone down that rabbit hole which joel and i've had a lot of conversations around that it is you know you think about that. There's this elite people who are in dan like the intelligence agencies but they were never elected. They were just appointed and a lot of them have very long terms or there's there's no expiration on their term and so they we can start bending reality the way they want when they start using propaganda which based in two thousand thirteen the smith munt modernization act happened and and what that meant was the u._s. using propaganda and fake news on u._s. Citizens was no longer illegal starting in two thousand thirteen so a lot of what we've seen with the media just create stories and have them a lot of them. Not being real is because of the smith mont modernisation act passed in <hes> in <hes> december of two thousand twelve so this crazy thing was. We don't know why it's not just that they're trying to get traffic is bending reality and a lot of cases. Do no what this myth is that you're talking about i do i do like a nice blunt cake. Though but is good police to provide me with supervised with cloud over stock has a new interim c._e._o. His name jonathan johnson and they johnson. I'm johnny johnny john. John johnson jonathan john johnny johnson the third johnny john john john outta than john john jay johnson. Are you done anyway. Jonathan johnson is the interim c._e._o..

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