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You going to take it i would allow the car so thirteen fourteen year of course you're going to take it i think one should were ball fierce right exactly so yeah the and that that you never going to take away from them but now we got caught up in the the conversation of you can't spell elite without eli and he ally referring himself report i'm on the same level is tom brady and jain fans defending am from now the kingdom come i mean he's just not that caliber player but that's fine you could still be franchise quarterback and alltime great giant and not be tom brady jeff in jersey city good morning jeff lord daniel knew money most yes body armor anyway three creek issues when you're and if you can response to me i appreciate their your expertise tom quickly four on the giants i think um uh you said so many things guy gary simpson my uh winning he also all and everybody will forget so he's i stay on the high road they health coach keno and david sweb and keep up the class act and the giants will eventually like you said winning well uh cure all all in pretty chest as you said also one game at a time out beat denver next week i think that could crush the patriots out the last game this season now have not quite want they should be a most smashed the patriots um my question for you move.

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