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Have it have a great day back in the states? And yes, I'll go and have lunch here and saints us. Well, always a pleasure. Thanks. That's all right. Thanks to Mott's for joining us. Thanks as always to Jamie, la- Santi, Jamie Santi is I bring you in. I will just say that is my kinda guy love that guy in the you got a sense of this is a seven time grand slam champion. This is a hall of Famer the truly elite tennis player. You would never know it talking to him there is through the real modesty. But there's also a real sense of engagement Android that. And I don't know if you what struck you and if you've ever met mouth or spoken to him. But again, you will not find a more modest in humble figure in the tennis community. This is a guy who comes in. And he's wearing a backpack. And we were talking about the lounge, but there is there's no special access for him. And he does not care. He cares about the sports though. So no, I under- the conversation on anything struck you. But jump in like that. It's it's great. He's he's really interesting. And I appreciate his opinions, especially in Jovic. I think he makes a good point there about how you know, everyone was talking about Jovic in his downfall. And how he was going through this time, and we'll he ever be back. And now, of course, he has proven us all wrong. But he made the point that fed are a doll and others have also gone through periods of of this in their careers and people made too much of a deal of it. Or, you know, kind of everyone goes through not what I expected him to say, I think we could push back a little and say yes Federer had a five year drought when he wasn't winning majors. But he was still getting to finals the the joke of swoon for guy who reliably was getting to grand slam semi's when it was something like twenty three twenty five grand, slam semi's. And then suddenly for about eighteen months was struggling to get to the second week. Of majors. I could push back a little there. But no, I thought was really interesting that was an interesting point and again, matzos AA straight shooter. And he he's also we don't watch your sport in the United States. But he's also really a prominent A-List tennis commentator and analyst he's on the road. He does a game sent Mott's segment on on Eurosport. He's at all the majors. So he's on the road a fair amount to. But I also thought it was interesting what he said about how the the humility of federal actually has a competitive advantage and sometimes with with stars. And this is hardly just an issue to ten. I mean, it's hardly need to tennis. But sometimes stars to certain level. And people say who was that guy. I was just her great story about how Michael Jordan was behaving. The the summer when he was drafted in the summer of nineteen Eighty-four, and that person is unrecognizable from the Michael Jordan who became the great NBA player. But I think. It's interesting that he saw it as a competitive advantage that actually is conducive to their winning that that federal doll have kept this level of humility here kind of Flickinger head. Yeah. A little bit. Yeah. I get it. But I think any player that's at the professional level would kind of laugh at that. And be like. Yeah. At the surface. You know, maybe I maybe I think about that. When I wake up in the morning, but by the time, I brush my teeth. It's pretty much like this is what I do for a living. I'm a competitor. You know, I'm gonna play my hardest against this person. I think I think us mortals probably have a have that in the back of our minds when we think would I do if I stood across the net, and you know, standing there. But when you're you know, we've seen them fall. Early like you need. Yeah. No, you're right. And I think you look at John millman just got done beating Roger Federer..

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