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Eighth Doctor. Time more three. Yes more big. Finish more fantastic big. Finish eighth doctor. Adventures are something that I always look forward to. I hope that they keep producing many eighth doctor series for ever never never. I just can't get enough. Palm again is the eighth doctor. He's got some great companions one of my favorite campaigns ever Charlotte Pollard. Was An eighth doctor. Companion and with bliss. He has another great companion. You get to learn more about her back story in this box set and you get to delve into the time more some more with the eighth doctor which is also really cool. I love the juxtaposition of the eighth doctor. Not Wanting to be involved the time more at all and then taking the potion that the sisterhood of karn offers him and deciding to become a warrior. Because that's what these times call for. I just think that that's really cool. And I think you see why the eighth doctor would make a choice like that through these time. War Box sets great stuff but the best part of this box set is the last adventure in the four adventure box set and that is the war val yard now. I love the character of the value. I think the idea of a enemy being the future. Dark part of the doctor is really awesome. I love the ways that they're able to bring the value back from time to time. We've seen him in other big finish adventures. And of course she saw in trial of a time. Lord and I believe he's made some appearances in other media as well but what I really like about that is that it is not the master who is a totally different character. That's this is actually a possible future. Doctors dark side and however they explained what creates value. It is the doctor biting himself. And I just think that that is a cool concept and I think that they're able to pull it off really well whenever they use the value. They always have a really good idea going in now when we first met the valued in trial of time Lord the last episode of trial of a time Lord is we know did not go the way they intended. They weren't able to use the original script for it. Because Eric say word left but this they going with a plan and it's really great for us to hear Michael Jason. Back in the part and having face off against the eighth doctor. Which again is Romantic doctor Doctor. That has a lot of heart cares very much about his companions. The world doesn't want to be part of the time more so the value add up against that is an interesting juxtaposition and I enjoyed it greatly with the eighth doctor. Stuff any place you really want to jump into with big finish is a good place to start with talker. Pretty much any of the sets. You could just jump in and that'd be great place for you to start. I of course highly recommend starting with a storm warning the first eight doctor adventure but you know jumping wherever you feel comfortable because the doctor stuff is really easy to get into and Paul mcgann is a pro at the audio stuff. That's where his doctor really came to life. Most so you see a doctor. That's really been developed through the audio and that's really cool to a doctor time worth three. I can't believe they're still telling great time war stories. I was really dubious when they said they were going to do it. But they have exceeded my expectations at every turn meds so I started PROZAC last week. And I gotta say it has really helped a lot. I am not having those catastrophic thoughts that I was having before that I couldn't dismiss Now if I have some kind of catastrophic scenario playing in my head like I get hit by a bus today or something like that I'm able to easily dismiss it. You know kind of say thank you thought for trying to keep me sharp. But I'm going to focus on some other stuff now. by focuses way up Energy levels are up. The medicine has helped a whole lot. And I am very glad that I So it helped that I that I got help because I was in a really dark bad place and now I'm feel like I'm coming out the other side and I'm I'm feeling much much better. I'm really glad that I took the steps. I did and I would encourage people if you are in a place like that. You know. Medication doesn't have to be forever Sometimes people are just in a in a place where they need some help lifting themselves out of a deep depression and once they get themselves reset to normal they. They can t go off the meds. I did that once before about ten years ago and now I'm to try it again. I'm going to see if this is something where I would need to pay possibly be a more permanent vacation or perhaps I will talk to my doctor again. You're numb. She'll be like no. You're cool you can go off of it and whatever she whatever she decides. That's that's the advice that I will follow but yeah it's been it's been a great great help but I I have a very much appreciated the support of people. It's just been really great to see that people care and that Now and that. There's there's relief for this. I mean it's something that you manage. It's not something that you cure but at the medicine is definitely helping me manage and I am very very grateful. Dr Who Series Twenty Six Blu Ray. So the final season of classic. Who is going to be released as a Blu Ray box set the BLU ray box sets? I have found have been awesome the special features that they load them with our fantastic and in the preview for this one we get to see so altered back and character as ace which was very very cool. I will post a link to that so if you haven't gotten a chance to watch that yet you can check it out a big. Fan of the BLU ray box sets. I mean it's not just seeing the episodes like in crystal clear Blu Ray but it's also the special features that a little more than the new commentaries and all that stuff if you are already a fan of the classic era of Dr Who than the Blu. Ray Box sets really make a fine addition to your collection if you're looking for a way to watch the classic era of Doctor Who I highly recommend a box subscription because that way you get a tons of episodes But if you wanted something that you could watch on Blu Ray than the blue box at checkout but the special features are really. The Star of the box sits there. They put a lot of time and effort into the special features. And that's where it's at with this kind of stuff. It was really the the value added material six. I'm really excited about it. As everyone knows. The seventh doctor is in my highest tier of doctors. I really liked what Lester McCoy. Brought to the rule he was one of the doctors that was with me the longest because I kept falling his adventures in the Virginia Adventures Books And I'm still reading those so I feel way that the seventh doctor never really left my consciousness. So that's probably why he's one of my top tier doctors and I love the darkness that he had I love. He's weird affectation. I loved his rolling of his honors. And all of that by some doctor very excited. There isn't a season. I think I'm looking forward to on BLU ray. More than season twenty six. I could mend that later but for now I think that's that's sure season. Twenty six of the season most looking forward to for a blue box. Set the interviews and stuff like that are going to be awesome. I can just very excited. That's all for this episode. I've been Andy. This has been positive. Thank you for listening..

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