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Of extortion? Concerning post today from rebel base media linked from our show notes and our newsletter highlights. Worrying new development people threatening to flood your podcast with low ratings or worse, unless you pay Sirius XM, the US satellite radio operator and you own of Pandora plans, original podcasts and shows for Pandora's podcast plant for more than twenty Sirius XM shows will also be reformatted into podcasts. His contest for you. If you speak German, Spratt, concedes, OH, Diese, Germany, and digital culture conference Republica looking for new podcast ideas. You'll win five thousand euro and get a production contract willing to the competition websites in German from our show notes and from our newsletter. Dax the audio advertising plan. Form has expanded its relationship with sound clouds to now include Canada, Dax has represented soundcloud in the UK since two thousand sixteen and launched in Canada. In November last year tax is also being confirmed as the headline partner for the British podcast awards. If you want books about how to do great podcasts willing to them today from our shirts and our newsletter nineteen books for you to look at some people moves today slate has a new editor in chief Jared halt, analytics company chargeable has hired a new chief operating officer and the UK newspaper. The economist is using podcasts to drive revenue. They're also looking for a podcast audience producer, you'll find links to

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