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And his father Charlie as Jared Kushner grew into his teens attending the first school a coed modern orthodox yeshiva in Paramus New Jersey where he was an average student ranked in the third track of five in his grade his father Gresley built an empire for his first born to inherit it was a pedestrian Colossus tens of thousands of so called garden apartments multi family buildings surrounded by landscaping mostly in New Jersey but the income from them was enough to turn Charlie Kushner to someone has money in approval were sought by local politicians who is now a New Jersey power broker the logic behind Charlie's lit largesse was fairly simple according to a Christian family member quote Charlie had a messianic complex it was his father who delivered us from Poland and Charlie was going to deliver us to Manhattan he's going to get us out of New Jersey and on to the Forbes five hundred list but to do that you gotta by governor Jim McGreevey and quote in November two thousand one McGreevey had won the gubernatorial election with the friendly push the Charlie and his pals Charlie was now an autocrat whose rain sometimes felt like a noose to his relatives friends employees and even fellow synagogue members who came to me and his dad his role as a family patriarch but his relatives were not to question his aggressive message methods of social advancement he was nicknamed the dot the dapper don or don Corleone partly because of his Natty suits him perfectly coiffed hair but the nickname was also appropriate some felt given Charlie's godfather like approach to running both his business and his personal life business was life life was business take Marcy plugin for example the accountant Charlie had fired for having an affair with his brother in law even though she was now at the accounting firm invests SMB Kushner companies still paid or annual bonuses of between fifteen and twenty five thousand dollars and reimbursed blocking for the cost of her son's private school tuition which was disguised in the IRS's legal expense Charlie wasn't just being nice he needed her cooperation beginning in the mid nineteen nineties a Charlie's direction according to legal records the company had begun to commit financial fraud to fund is growing social political and financial ambitions as is common in real estate firms each of the entities Charlie Allen had its own LLC or was its own L. L. C. H. I. L. L. C. was owned by a partnership a combination of Charlie and some backers all of the L. L. C. is passed down by Joe Kushner were per the instructions of his will equally divided among Charlie and his three siblings and the respective children's trusts the Charlie set up a management company Westminster management and made himself the manager of all the buildings initially his siblings all thought this was a good idea Charlie viewed as increasingly public profile as a public service but his lust for the limelight brought some large bills invited politicians to speak often for a large fee and an assortment of venues ranging from his office to his home offsite conferences and his synagogue even invited the entire New Jersey political leadership to attend Kushner's maybe babies breasts a speech by Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu for example because as much as one hundred thousand dollars and Charlie paid him to speak in New Jersey four times rather than pay out of his own pocket for as many political and charitable contributions Charlie or senior executives in the farming Charlie's direction took LLC money without pre approval from the partners in the L. L. C. to cover these costs none of the Kushner companies partners were informed of how the money was being spent not Charlie's business partners as friends or even a siblings children nieces and nephews nor did they know that neither the internal or external ledger presented the true numbers for each of the LLC's if Charlie was short on cash on one project he borrowed from the bank account of another that wasn't the only fortunate one on Courtney court documents there was euphemistic language used at the Tuesday weekly meetings also called cash meetings hello Charlie's home early in the morning the phrase losing a bill as in how do we lose this bill and finding a way to turn expense from one project into a capital reduction somewhere else personal expenses were also lost and submitted as capital business expenses from whichever LLC Richard Stratton liar and an executive vice president Scott Zucker picked those ranging Charlie some improvements to vacations New Jersey nets tickets Superbowl packages even the alcoholic Charlie insurer Kushner bought for a holiday cell celebrations I contribute contribution from Charlie to Harvard University to smooth the way for Germans and mission was funded by the company that Charlie the check was signed by Zachary and that was no accident Charlie never signed anything is corner office in Florham park was enormous but Spartan it was forty feet long and had a private shower and sitting area he also had amassed outdoor terrace on which you build a sukkah a temporary outdoor hot under the roof of which he and his family would celebrate the Jewish holiday of Sukkot his desk however had nothing on it no pens no paper no computer most critical of all the apparent health the company's balance sheet was what was called a Richard special named after Richard staff our Charlie's brother in law and vice chairman of the Kushner companies which was essentially bank fraud it Charlie wanted to do an acquisition or do a refinancing their core required a lot a line of credit stop by our power a chartered accountant in mensa member would direct a subordinate to alter the figures that the banks to be tricked into believing Christian company's finances met the crew preconditions of their covenants as a result the firm would receive lines of credit and tax deductions it should not have been entitled to most of the senior members of Kushner's companies knew what was going on the book by Vicky ward Kushner ink greed ambition corruption foreign this is Tom Hartman program happy Tuesday tomorrow in here with you a lot going on tonight is the us in the top what is I. tenth I believe democratic debate and I'm pretty sure it is and this time but billionaire Tom Steyer has brought his way back in so there will be one additional person on the stage I think it takes it from six to seven might be seven eight but whatever it is you know in the in addition to billionaire Bloomberg billionaires tire and meanwhile Bernie Sanders has rolled out his his plan to pay for absolutely everything he's proposing was with one and done this some time ago now Bernie has there are there there's a lot of overlap between both of their proposals not much it's sad to say that they're identical but you know philosophically and structurally they're very very very close and and it's just common sense it's basically undoing Reaganomics you know prior to Ronald Reagan the top tax rate in the United States was seventy four percent Reagan drop that down to twenty eight percent in the in the nineteen eighties and that seventy four percent top tax rate in the corporate tax rate was over thirty five percent during the Eisenhower administration for example corporate income taxes paid for fully one third of the cost of government now it sounded like five percent so basically if we just roll back reaganism we've got enough money to pay for all of his programs it is and Bernie is even talking about really rolling back reaganism I mean keep in mind as I said you know the top tax rate during the the the Franklin the the the Franklin Roosevelt Franklin D. Roosevelt administration was ninety one percent during the Harry Truman administration was ninety one percent Truman wasn't complaining about it during the Eisenhower all eight years of Dwight Eisenhower Republican it was ninety one percent white Eisenhower wasn't complaining about it John Kennedy ninety one percent Lyndon Johnson ninety one percent Richard Nixon ninety one percent were actually Linda Johnson dropped it down to seventy four percent so then it became seventy four percent for Lynn and Jennifer Richard Nixon seventy four percent for Gerry Ford seventy four percent for Jimmy Carter and during that period of time we had the most robust economy the fastest growth growth of the American middle class literally in the history of our country which came to a screeching halt when Donald Trump with heaven when Ronald Reagan drop that top tax rate and this is I mean it along with the unions the main driver of building that middle class was that talk to at the top tax rate because what it did was instead of you know people accumulating more more cash in their own private you know the Swiss bank account instead of the Jeff Bezos and bill Kling gates of the world becoming you know multi multi multi billionaires and keep in mind a billion dollars is a million dollars a thousand times and then you get you know tens of billions of dollars that's the you know the it's mind boggling the amounts of money and that just didn't used to happen because instead of taking the money out and stick it in their checking account you know and how it worked Beano however however they would do it people like mark Zuckerberg back in the day would reinvest that money in their company and pay their employees better yeah the top tax rate actually encouraged the growth of small and medium business as well as made large business healthy so Bernie is laid this out and you know and I'm in a very straightforward fashion and I'll just I'll just go through very quickly for you yeah he wants to expand social security so that everybody on it it on low income senior citizens and people with disabilities will get an additional thirteen hundred dollars a year by increasing benefits how's he going to do this he's gonna have the wealthiest one point eight percent of Americans as people make more than two hundred fifty thousand dollars a year the same social security tax that you pay in that I pay and that whether we will extend the solvency of social security to twenty seventy and beyond I mean that's just like that's the endpoint for the math he wants to end homelessness that's going to cost two and a half trillion dollars how does he do that he puts a wealth tax on the top one tenth of one percent yet that will lease thirty two million dollars and you're gonna start paying a tax on your wealth just like I pay and probably you pay a wealth tax on your property on your house and even if you're renting you're paying a wealth taxes got a property tax every year you know your house may be worth say a piano on a hundred thousand dollars but every year year after year after year you still have to pay that property tax that's a wealth tax that the middle class has been paying for generations and all Bernie analyst with Warner Bros saying is let's have the multi millionaires and billionaires pay wealth tax on the money and their money to right if they want to take a deep dive in a you know in the ends and swim in their piles of money and their money been just pay a pay a property tax on it and we're not even talking about a property taxes anywhere as high as what the middle class pays on real estate property and this would be a property taxes like you know a tenth of a percent or at the most one percent was Elizabeth Warren suggestion universal pre K. that'll cost one and a half trillion dollars again that wealth tax will cover that eliminating medical debt there's eighty one billion dollars in past due medical debt held by seventy nine million Americans and Bernie just wants to completely pay that off and how does he do that with a income inequality tax on large corporations that pay their CEOs more than fifty times with their workers make keep in mind when Ronald Reagan came into office in nineteen eighty the average American CEO made thirty times what is lowest paid worker makes now it's hundreds to thousands of times Bernie is saying if your company makes.

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