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Maybe they what are you saying. Is that if you got into a fight with your four foot long python and the only way you would die as if you decided. What's the point. Yeah okay so if so if a if a four foot python attack is combined with severe depression venue it. That would be the end of right any fine. Okay so you just keep making a weird. Sony is very pregnant and you're super empathetic right now. She said i come from a family. She said i have a mom. A dad and an older brother went. She just described the most common nuclear family in the world. And you went. Oh my family. Though god's sake she said i come from a giant irish family of six people with kit if brennan had said i mean if brenna headset brennan. So tell us a little bit about yourself. Well right now. I'm wearing sneakers. You'd have gone off me seekers pillows for the fee brenna. I want to know a little bit. Tell me about your dad. I'd like to know about the data. I think the data is often the key psychological key. I knew he is with me. If you're listening pop you know what you did. Go ahead not listening. My my dad works for a company called the conch company. If you've ever heard of it they make dog toys and cat toys and things like that. You're kidding. I know kong and so he designs a lot of dog toys. So i let me explain to our listeners. In case they don't know kong is. It's almost this kind of three dimensional triangular shape but it's rounded like snowman a cone and then there's a hole in it and you put a dog treat in it and the genius move behind it. It's kind of sick and sadistic but it works. Is you throw in the middle of the lawn and your dog training over. He knows there's a treat in there but he can't get added so we spend hours hours trying to get the treat out. That sounds awful. Well that's what kong is an hong works. Yeah works what is it. What is it supposed to do. It's supposed to keep mind busy. So like maybe have separation anxiety or something. When you leave the house you could give him the call. It keeps them busy. Keeps their mind occupied while you're away things like basically look if i told my older brother. Neil there's a strawberry rhubarb pie in that room. But i locked it. And you're not gonna get in there. And i took away all of neal's tools. That's basically what it is. That's what kong is and neo was just pawing at this door. I'm sorry but my my brother doesn't know how to use his fingers. He just positive but anyway kong is kind of ingenious. It worked with our dog for a while. And then i think our dog one online and ordered an exacto blade and just and just chopped up the kong and got the treat out that. Yeah so but it's good for your dad see. Your dad works for that company. He works have you noticed something. Your father indirectly with animals and your dreams work with animals. Yeah and it's also kind of a cool creative job. And i do art and things like that so i get that from him but my mom also had a degree in graphic design. So i guess it's a little bit come from very smart family support for conan. O'brien needs a friend.

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