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Bartman experience ahead as as bad as as adams but it's not a he has had two of them this year but that was just to make world series it wasn't to win a world series atlanta fans had the most remarkable choke job in the history of the super bowl putting it to quote the big lousy in the running for biggest show job in the history of american sports and they follow that up with the cleansing opportunity to win a national championship against nick saving 10point lead in the fourth quarter and they can't do it freshman quarterback who take the terrible second overtime and he throws an absolute strike to davante smith eight five five two one two four cbs josh in seattle thanks for calling in to share your horror stories of fan you're on cbs sports radio thanks for taking my call i bet my experience is the uh super bowl against the patriots a couple of years ago um sitting on the couch with my wife who is a patriots fan on in my lungs out wendy uh circus catch was made by remain curse their the red zone on those two two plays later be upstairs crying for the first four sporting event rating that's that's that's a really good regular regular badza my my i'll say this in my bartman game i add my cardinals fred he's a good dude but not in that moment but i got to escape him i wasn't married to him iaaf lorry were cardell i'll those war gala floor it was the cardinals fan i love my wife in a we have to grade kids do beautiful kids use more kids and mount henry love ya but man of floor a cartilage fan in a guide to watch an nlc as the car all it pains me just judges to think about what you're going through by the way that seattle stories a great example and i hope it doesn't go this way for georgia but heartbreak those things terror franchises in futures in programs apart and he's been on the new law lately will talk about them later seth wicker chan the reporter friend of mine from college at missouri which breaks my heart on a regular basis with a few times a in a position to be pretend to be good separatist roy the.

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