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Barrage is going deep and it is caught at jack. People what they want d. o. Down the right sideline and wednesday and jack. A hand are back on sports overnight. America banters with rod macqueen talking and felt quarterback movement this offseason then we gotta start with carson wentz. Ron traded to indianapolis colts a fresh. Start for wentz getting out of philly after being benched last year. In favor of rookie jalen hurts. Not only are the receiving weapons better for having indianapolis topnotch offensive line. Also i think. The biggest factor reconnected with former offensive coordinator. Frank break who is now. his head. Coach best season has had in the nfl came when he worked directly with. I expect for this trade to be a big win for him and a big win for the indianapolis colts. And i think you. Now it's all about just the pairing of rights to wentz getting those two back together on the same page. I'm one i'm in the cancer i still think carson wentz is an nfl starting quarterback. I think that Obviously he's you know he soured in philly Whether it be due to coaching. I mean yeah. There are a lot of turnovers terrible offensive. Line he just was in a position where he he was. Set up not succeed but fail. So again yeah. He made a lot of bad decisions. A lot of those those picks go back and watch a lot of them. Were off receivers hands and bad throat was. Yeah that stuff that fundamentally i can be fixed over time in again giving him a better off offensive line giving him running game with john taylor one the best top rookie running backs in emerging Should be knock on the door of being a top five running back at the position so you know not to mention. Yeah you brought up the series. Michael pittman parris campbell. The old wiley T y hilton still. Their health will helton bite. Helton might be on his way out. He is a free agent but they could bring him back to any number of things with the cap spaces they had. We'll be talking about free agent wide receivers a little later. But yeah. you're absolutely right. The biggest thing. Ron i think is the offensive line though you saw even what a guy patrick mahomes was dealing with with the offensive line or porous of live play in the super bowl and holds is probably the best quarterback in the nfl right now. So you can't really blame for what was going on philadelphia giving him an offensive line like he's going to have an indianapolis. I think we might see the best version we've seen carson once. I think so too again. I'm maybe i'm a little bullish more than most on manson again. I think that Early in his career we saw enough glimpses and flashes to kinda still believe again lack of playmakers on that team. All the things we talked about offensive line contributed play calling so again put him in a new situation hit the reset. Button carson wentz. I think this is his best out of all places. He could have gone his best possible landing spot as far as the coaching staff and the nucleus of talent surrounding him that i think he will be able to gel with so again. I'm pretty optimistic about this. Move about matthew stafford going to the ramps. We talked briefly couple weeks ago. Fresh more fresh wanted. It happened about the big hall that went one way versus the other way but dr talk about staffer to the ramp. He's been out of a lot more to work with offensively he's going to have one of the league's top defenses backing him up. One of the league's top offense and minds and head coach. Sean mcveigh getty losing culture in detroit. That's got to be a big boost. Rams gave up a lot of guys in my no but they're win now. Window is running out. And i think stafford is the guy to get them to that next level. Compared to jared goff was able to do a i mean. We're there's smoke there's usually fire being. This was a situation with the rams at the had soured on gough and that was cleared. Everyone was out there for stafford to come over in. This deal makes a ton of sense to me again. This is a guy that's proven himself in. He's a guy that you can depend on veteran leadership in.

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