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You don't I up detail person like I. I'm not afraid of being towns. I thrive in that if anything my opportunity times to bring it up a level but again it's a wiring. Think some people are wired for details. Summer not But even as a detail Carson. I still can benefit from another set of eyes on something especially. If it's truly important I think we just have to stop working in a vacuum and it kind of leads into the other point my reaching out for help This really go hand in hand with that. Because we're only partial you. We all have lots but own a friend. Hollow Lifeline In Your Company or out of your company like me Claverie all the title at a high level on how to approach business issue giving away trade secrets. You're not but just help me think through this problem one. Am I not thinking of one of the questions? I'm not asking. Yeah and plus. We don't work for for a while now. We haven't worked for competitors so metro on over to another industry raising the Lord along the way right from every Monday. Let's take a quick break and when we come back we're gonNA finish business lessons. Five six seven eight and then we're just going to give you some general advice on how to remain sane while working during a global Pinton. We'll be right back. Hey guys with everything going on. I want you to know that I still am holding coaching calls. You can set up thirty minutes with me and I'm happy to talk through. What are your next career steps especially in the aftermath of Cova Nineteen listen? You've got to stay ready so if you are wondering what am I going to do? What if I lose my job all this other stuff all this uncertainty? Stop worrying about it. And let's plan because chances are you won't lose your job. Ho fully but hey sometimes the universe is just moving. It's in our favor. It just doesn't feel like it but at the same Faith without works is dead so let's get to work. Feel free to schedule a call with me there. Forty dollars and all those proceeds go to support the production of this show. So use me as a resource. I'm happy to help now. Let's get back to the show and we are back so today. Tiffany and I are going through the business lessons that you can learn from Teddy Riley and bay tackle on. I give up laughing. Oh my God first of all black twitter like quarter. Actually you know what the last night really was when black excellent goes wrong and I wish Dave Chapelle was still doing chapelle show but when we most funniest motherfucking skit in life ever in life L. God I love Daesh postal much okay. So we're now on number five. Composure is key. Oh I like this. So tiffany says. Executive presence has a few components including connection communication command and composure. From I never that framework from one of these companies. I worked for him a good framework in the fun. I felt like someone really broke down. What executive presence knee? It's the catchall when your boss really don't know how to frame up feedback where you right. You need more executive president. What does that knee foresees framework? I'm Mike Okay. And almost probably are strong in certain areas. Maybe weaker in others. But you're really trying to get to that executive level you really gotta develop in each of them. I'm like a good kid. Yeah take that with me. Yes so let me repeat what. The four components are of executive presence in connection Communication Command in composure. And I would assume that command is command or mastery of your business right name ability to command the room. I think yeah introvert. You can absolutely. Do you know being prepared helped with composure. I'm like young Theodore last night. Why are we having his government because he was out of pocket so he gets to be caught by government name? Oh man and so then you said baby fae showed us what it looks like to maintain composure. Even in a chaotic situation being able to do this instills confidence in your team's direct reports bosses etc. He was he was so chill. Witty and unbothered unbothered. Yeah like staying calm depressure. Because I'm sure baby-faced felt a certain way to like 'cause he had thousands of people. Yeah and it feels so embarrassing and black. Twitter doesn't make that unforgiving good them so. The crux of this one is. Keep your composure. Keep your cool. Don't get frustrated. Keep your emotions in check. In the moment you always go to your car and have a complete meltdown breakdown. There awhile you running. These people will be like baby face beyond bother. Keep a calm all Ukraine. Yeah Bonus Brian Greene. Yeah God do what you gotTa do palm but away away lakes. In the moment they are number. Six Karma is well real. This is interesting in entertainment as well as in business. Karma has a way of catching up with us. I was too young to know the full back story but I had heard that Teddy Riley had wronged in quotes Black Street and Guy Group members now. They're probably sitting back fan until you do right by me. That's tissue. Do Right by me. Everything you even think about on fail. It's been a pleasure. Be So from a business. Context use should treat people with respect and lead with candor. Not Doing so has a way of coming back to bite you so this I'm Kinda like I hope that that's not true but it's the music industry and people are trash so I don't know the full story and I I don't know we. I'm just speculating that he had done. Some things that were unsavory to the groups. I don't know great always know the truth and God right but I do think Karma is interesting and I one of my favorite things is. You may not reap where you so but you will always repeat what you sell meaning lying. You might get away with something for a long time but I just feel like life has a way of correcting things like. The universe has a way of correcting the wrong folks. People stay just could gain. I don't think you have to soup to low unethical levels. Or you know ministering folk. I don't think you need to do that to be successful back. The leaders that I admire. Don't do that no they. Don't let me let me tell you another story about young mediocre. Bob And I don't wish this on anybody but my mom died. Shortly after I started that job and I was going through it. Mark the fact that I got a in wash my ass every day. It was miracle and so he wasn't the most imp athetic to what was going on with me and he showed it in different ways and then sometime later he wasn't my boss anymore but. I heard that his his mother-in-law dot his wife's mom passed away. He was looking all crazy and said around the office and I know a lot of that had to do with him seeing his wife go through those stages of grief and so me and my bitches like hey. Hey how's your wife? She doing all right. You guys are in my prayers. 'cause I totally get it. He would turn red because he knew he mistreated me and now he really understood first. Hand the Shit I was going through. Because that's how Karma works. Hang that heavy dog ask. I'm just saying treat people right so that we you're GONNA win life's storms. The universe will take care of you the tree people right so it's not worse than what it could be. I'm sorry what were you saying? Nah I was just saying like I agree on and it works both ways like when you so goodwill I think you read goodwill Just like when you sell discord you reap that. And I don't know why people lose their humanity in the corporate vapors like I just blown me but alas.

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