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Doses in other areas in order to get naturalization Brown spy out will come to buy knock balance looks and it will bring the high dose that cakes in a little bit quick out under lower diocese of different parts brow. The will take longer to get that doesn't mean you're you're Of Peace in the ancient for me is that it will take up to that fourteen weeks sake. The final finished awesome is. Review every trade on some very, very obsessive about I think it's essential part of an excellent treatment is you review it a two weeks even some on. Delighted. Doesn't wants comeback result. Get for. Passion. Okay in just talking about expectations as well. So I. Give away. So a few years ago I did someone's makeup and before I did their make up, I was towed they've had a facelift. Before I went into, I had expectations and thought this is gonNA be easiest makeup juggle job of my life. and. I came away feeling really cross with you at the work because. First of all what I did not expect it was like trying to put is shadow on sand. If that makes any sense, there was no tightness tortoise and it just made me think I don't know what's happened here but fundamentally the skin quality. That this person has. Isn't I. I was really surprised when they stood in front of me this person had had a full facelift. And so in terms of expectation. If, we're talking about a muscle relaxant treatment that has the appearance of making skin look smoother more. Even. I've seen people skin the bit torture as opposed to tighter. If you're not looking after it was skin care. Is that like race wasting yeah I. Agree I mean the idea with it just shiny. Shiny look. Is Awful. That is no. I think a good muscle s j by just let's make clear where it's just been a tweeted. and think salvage treatment some chopped a just a very bright shiny today's sexy clay pleasing. Would frontier your daughter she's shining is. Not Nice Utah Route Anyway. These hundred eighty browse is a bus to go to your question. Yes. Genetics package offset if you can have quite surgeon CPAP surgery. Jury, but if you haven't gone good canvas on which to work. Your urine backfoot as before you even stop doing surgery. Now, that's all goes back the consultation process, a managing pages expectations. So for example, I, have very fine thin them reading skin some people have very united. St Louis, always gets atention again to incredibly worldly. So the skin quantity accounts skin. The amount ole fashioned thought someone house. They amount of gum recession older ourselves because what a surge says, you've surgeries looking I might ninety to get good these. Down to be. Already lot poor outcome. And it's surprising how you can get caught pool route for quite a you know. Sophistication procedure like face, it to migrate. About. Preserving skin colour safe. We can do that at any stage genetically will tell what without for what we can do exactly what he said Yukon to use retinal etc Cetera all the old of goodies. But all sides. Thicken the Davits with things not just buying drum I prefer to congenitally sick in the skit with something not fi injectable fillers as wild again I I've I had one thing to take my design on July. CARE. Fox. It anyway. Why but either tight finish every time it twice on Sundays I would take anything else because actually if you support the Bible in trying to restore loss by volley with not trying to plump. So actually by just making that bony framework more Straw. A surge will often be able to do. An even more impressive lift. A lot of surgeons who do branch surgical on many many many now thank goodness. Do Announce study points. saw that will not if we what will the patient of the is pride surgery they're gonNA have a Petro Com facial surgery. So, even if we're just talking about injectables. If somebody sat in front of you and said Oh Helen talked mouth third I think I need. Muscle relaxant, whatever it is, and you you're looking at them and you're thinking. Right, skin carragee right now is not where it needs to be is that the first step before somebody comes in and gets you to try and give them perfect skin. Yeah. So if we say that I would often get people the June Nowadays. But come in inside I say again, Jesus. Moss and You read. That's not scan. So it is my job to assess the skin is is actually only using using how using it. Educate them not because again, we're trying to sell three hundred fifty. Supermarket. Joe Properly. If we typed help people out, say a lot starts with. Is Multi Disciplinary you're if we're looking for the voice advice to somebody is a multidisciplinary approach from people very detonate, but it will be skin. Quality whether that's laces whether that's behind skin cabinet fives it will be supporting the framework of the skin making on stunned I have lost two percent over you know college NPR audibles eight lost. Bony Tissue. Throughout our Perry metals and time. So filming supporting that and.

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