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Why would hope i would hope that they have a better working knowledge in a overall compassion as being a nurse but yeah well the people i i can't imagine who was applying but he's jobs because i remember reading a complaint from one of the superintendents ran the asylum saying that we were paying our nurses i mean they call the nurses but they still weren't trained nurses he said they were paying them less than what women would make hired as servants and wealthy person's home so they're not gonna take that job over this job that they can get it yeah a private nurse makes more the pay is not nurse she's a servant the house cleaner we're making more than the nurses on block island so it was a great paying job state retirement oh wow well this has been very interesting it's been a very uplifting show and no it's it's good we've had we've had writer and cat butler stacy home you're you're a cat butler how's that i thirty cats and they ruled the roost around here it's like me taking care of them i feed them whatever they need i do on their service it's funny how the animal becomes kind of in charge without without the responsibility comes with you get everything you want that's it thank you very much for for taking the time and talking to us today.

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