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5 14 Sports Time with B K. I know Marty's probably bummed about this college football news this time. Yeah, a lot of fans up and down the front range. You're not going to happy about it, okay? Late Friday afternoon, the Pac 12 made it official announcing they would follow the Big Ten's lead and only play conference games this fall. Thus, the Rocky Mountains showdown set for September 5th and Fort Collins is canceled this year. See ready Rick George is gonna hold video conference call today at 2 30 to address the league's decision. He has been there four day training camp Pepsi Center NHL released the schedule for the return to play games. To begin August 1st. Colorado's first game will be August 2nd against the Blues. The Nuggets held three straight days of practice will be off today. They're adjusting the life inside the MBA bubble on head coach Michael Malone's of the team expects all Star Center Nicole You wish to join the team soon. Nuggets van actually tweeted a pic of the Joker at O'Hare Airport yesterday. So it appears he's in America, which is better than being stuck in Serbia. Here's Malone on his team's goals in Orlando. Yeah, well, I think our first mission is to get to get everybody here. That's priority Number one is to get our whole group down. Here s so we could be a complete team and start building from there. Once that happens, obviously. We talked about going into this season back on Media Day in September. Now we have a go living winning at MBA Championship That has not changed and the Nuggets are the only team from Colorado stuck inside the Disney bubble in Orlando. The Rapids were there as well for the MLS, his back attorney and they played their first Match of that tournament and for the 13th time since 2014 they lost a rivalry out Salt Lake this time, two nil. Their next game is scheduled for Friday against boarding Casey. Calm or a cow. We needed three extra holes. The holdup Justin Thomas, the Workday Charity Open in Dublin, Ohio. That same course, will be the host from Memorial this week, and Tiger Woods is making his return to competitive golf for the first time since February unless important golf the American Century Classic celebrity attorney was held at Lake Tahoe. The highest anyone of Denver ties finished was Browns quarterback case. Keenum finished fifth Broncos kicker Brain McManus is 37th. Chauncey Billups. Just three spots behind be Mac Terrell Davis ended up 57th and Marcus where had the fourth worst score of the weekend. Anyone cares more my tennis player Marty Fish won the tournament that supports our brain in crystalline Kaylie news radio home of the Broncos buffs and Rocky's going. He's really your time, 5 17 Now. On Colorado's morning news covered 19 cases and rates and hospitalization, starting to trend upwards in Colorado, but they're staying within control. State epidemiologist Dr Rachel Herlihy. The individuals that are in their thirties or forties are still being hospitalized, certainly, but not being hospitalized at the same rate as individuals in older age groups early. He and other members of the cholera Department of Public Health and Environment say that shows younger people can still active spreaders of the virus, which makes face Mac mask use even more important. The city and county of Denver, helping local bars and restaurants. Amid the pandemic. Officials have so far approved 250 permits for expanded outdoor seating The temporary permits last through early September but could be extended restaurants have expanded their seating two adjacent parking lots, streets and sidewalks in order to help improve capacity and also allow for social distancing big crowds in recent days, resulting in the shutdown of Big Soda Lake and Bear Creek Reservoir, a Bear Creek state or Bear Creek Lake Park, the city of Lakewood make that announcement Friday and officials A water activities are closed until they can find a solution that complies with public health mandates was concerned that large crowds cause resulting spread a Corona virus. I wondered because I saw a lot of crowds there last week and then we drove by Saturday and it was completely obviously empty. Top health official at Johns Hopkins University, says the country's fight against the virus is not going well at all. It's really serious. I think the country is not in a good place with respect to covert right now. That on Fox News Sunday, Dr Tom Ingles B says we shouldn't just accept hundreds of people dying from the virus. He criticized the lack of a unified message on things like wearing masks. California Congressman Shift says Americans shouldn't ACCEPT President Trump commuting Roger Stone sentence other Americans different standard friends of the president's accomplices of the president. They get off Scot Free. Schiff, appearing on a bee sees this week, he says Stone was set to serve over just three years in prison for charges, including lying to Congress and witness tampering. They were related to an investigation involving the president and his campaign. It appears former special counsel Robert Mueller will once again testified before Congress Senator Lindsey Graham tweeted on Sunday that he's going to grant a request from Democrats to call Mueller before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Our request comes after Mueller wrote an op ed in The Washington Post. Responding to President Trump commuting Roger Stone sentence, Mueller described his investigation as fair coming up here on Colorado's morning news. We head to Washington and get on more on the latest with all that, with Roger Stone and the politics moving forward as well. It is an election year. We'll have that discussion with the political analyst next year Drive right now, with John Morrissey taking.

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