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So so the tech libs the giants the business giants tim cooke eric schmitt jeff bezos come out of a meeting with the liberal soninlaw and they praised donald trump after ripping into shreds for months and the all come out glowing about the meeting glowing and they all work in the words immigration reform cow per usage growth the american economy all and said the same thing microsoft ceo member i keep mentioning microsoft like just because miss the sweater appears like missed the benign the richest men in the world never forget that their monopoly microsoft ceo sacha and the delo also thank trump for the opportunity to meet with him and said he hoped the trump would continue both government spending on technology quote and enlightened immigration policies that would allow them to stay competitive isn't that nice so now these these tech titans are going to dictate our immigration policy and you thought you were electing a president because he was going to build a border a border wall with mexico ha a oh full list of the taxi yozo attended below j bangor mask the car jeff bezos amazon zachary book men opened gove safra cats oracle tim cooke apple i don't know why as i read these names i'm reminded of a scene in the godfather of the gold telephone being passed around we have term lightened see your buck mine from detroit we are bill mc dermott of sap from dallas we have such mandela microsoft from our affiliate over there and portland we have jenny remit the of ibm four affiliate out there in silicon valley we eric schmitt of a alphabet we have julie sweet from our seattle love division this is just an invention in on saying it's like a technique of using one point one percent of the zero point one percent understood that one it was funny okay are less go.

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