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The Broncos Dave Logan today about trying to improve an. Anemic running game if people don't want you to run the ball you're not going to. Run the ball and so that's why the passing game so important too because. The passing game actually, opens up the running game the Broncos chose to running backs in the draft and also signed former CU buffs and south high school. Star Philip Lindsey join mardi lens and Mike. Reiss on, Monday morning they'll broadcast Colorado's morning news from UC health training. Centre builders continue to construct apartments in the metro area at a feverish rate more than seventy six. Hundred apartments have been, built in, the first six months of the year with close to fourteen. Thousand more on the drawing board for the second half if those all wind up being built, one, in twenty three new apartments in the country in. Two thousand eighteen will be In metro Denver the post reports nearly a quarter of new apartments. In, the, metro area will be in the central business district, five points and north Capitol Hill tornadoes touching down. In arapahoe and Elbert county yesterday a roof was torn off a home in a UPS truck. Landed on its hood after a twister touched down near buyers the driver taken to the hospital no major injuries the national weather service's Russell Danielson says the. Pattern could continue all the way through the weekend carry and Sunday we'll have a chance of afternoon and evening thunderstorms with Large hail and. Damaging wind gusts possible again whether could have. An effect on some popular summer events this weekend Colorado's dragon boat festival is today and tomorrow at sloan's lake also buffalo Bill. Days in golden and also this, weekend the Douglas. Arapahoe and weld county fairs. Cheyenne frontier days wraps up tomorrow our next update at three thirty David Kay okay. Away NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM Eight remains busy, on your roads across the mile high metro this Saturday I twenty five is running heavy through thirteen in, both directions also heavy southbound through downtown I twenty five southbound seeing some serious stop and go after. Castlerock through larks per it's also slow northbound through for pack your patience. Sixth avenue westbound is jammed up around federal and off highway we've. Got a report of an auto pedestrian crash at first him Clayton in cherry creek CBS for weather calls for a high of seventy five degrees. With scattered thunderstorms tomorrow partly. Cloudy a high of eighty and on Monday a high of. Seventy five degrees and partly cloudy it's currently, seventy seven degrees which is higher than the predicted high.

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