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From Kalamazoo, Michigan. Not sure how you whether you know where you stand with, you know, prophetic words and all, but Trump had a prophecy in 2007. That he was gonna They talked about the impeachment. It talks about his, You know, quick economy pro was the weird increasing, you know, good, good economy, and they mentioned some other things. And one of the other things they mention is that there's gonna be two terms but afterwards They were going tol, um, you know, beg him to come back. Basically, you know him By so far, you know, I just feel like that. Damn Is there gonna be begging? Or trump to come back. So I just thought that was interesting. Wanted to share that. Let me show man shallow, shallow. Triple 8971 s a G triple 89717243. I am Larry Elder. We are really affected our com study before we get back to that. Planet of the humans excerpt that shows The alternative fuels that Joe Biden and Carrie, you're pushing for are just flat out not realistic. Democrats. Say they don't need any Republicans. To pass a $1.9 trillion Released Bill. It's going to send $400 checks to most Americans extend federal unemployment benefits. Increased funding for Vaccine distribution, but a whole host of other economic policies, including but not limited to Raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour from 7 75. As you know. John Kerry says. We can always get it from different jobs. Green jobs always something to do or a green jobs are harder Rivers here. We need to put them to work. We need to absolutely put the door. We need to keep them in their communities where they live. We need to make sure that the factories air coming to those communities, whether it's a new electric car factory, or it's making blades for windmills or turbines or whatever. We have great need for people to work in this field. And it's critical. I've had conversations. With some of my friends involved in this about how we could create some demonstration projects in those communities so people can see it's not just political talk. It's actually real economic policy that has a consequence a positive one on their lives. Real economic policy demonstration projects. Back to planet of the humans. Here is Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Speaking to oil and gas company insiders. It's a combination solar.

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