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Bbc news the julie candler there's been a cautious welcome from around the world to the historic meeting between president trump and the north korean needed kim jong un south korea said the summit opened a new chapter of peace and cooperation but it was surprised by the announcement of an end to join the us military exercises with seoul china's said the talks could lead to an easing of sanctions against the north the united arab emirates have threatened yemen's rebels with imminent attack if they failed to meet a deadline to withdraw from the strategically important port of hodeida most of yemen's humanitarian assistance comes through the port and the aid agencies warned that a further quarter of a million people will suffer if it's attacked the international criminal court in the hague has ordered the release of jean pierre bemba the former congolese vice president who had been serving an eighteen year sentence for war crimes judges ruled he could not be held responsible for crimes committed by his troops in the central african republic the british government has averted a damaging defeat for its brexit strategy with a majority of twenty six mp's rejecting an amendment to the unelected upper chamber had made to the eu withdrawal bill the amendment would have given parliament wide powers over the rest of the brexit process french police have arrested a man who took two people hostage in paris both hostages were safe and unharmed a former nigerian governor has been sentenced to fourteen years in jail over three million dollar corruption scandal involving the plateau states ecological fund joshua down gay is currently a senator it one of the largest antitrust cases in decades had judge in the united states has given telecommunications giant at and t the rights to buy time warner a huge entertainment company the trump administration had argued that the merger.

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