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This is pivot from the vox media podcast network. I'm CARA Swisher. And I'm here in freezing DC where the government is back up and running for the moment. And this is Scott Galloway coming from the polar vortex of Delray Beach, Florida where it is sixty five degrees. It's unbearable Keira. You know, what stop don't because people mid western dying. Don't make. No, no, no, no, white walkers loud. I just wrote. Okay. I'd start a scooter here to get here on time. I wrote leaving has fast, and I gotta stop. Wli? It really did. I love the scooter. Good. You're going to slip and break ahead. People shouldn't be on scooters. We shouldn't be on scooter. You should be home watching murder very fit. Eater very fit. I'm very fit do soul cycle. I had a lovely soul cycle yesterday. It was great. I'm very good this morning. I did cross fifth. Did you like that stuff? All the internet people of. That's how you can tell someone does cross it. How they tell you damage tell you, they tell you. That's right. It's like going to Harvard. Okay. That's right. I went to school and got lots of stories this week. We have so many stories this week there. So many let's dirt like, no we had to Facebook. Again. Once again had apple beginning the week by doing something that was not good by having. It wasn't a bug. It was a mistake in the FaceTime would cause allowed people to listen in privacy snafu, right? And then they didn't tell toil about it for a week. They did. But they did talk about it. They did turn it off. They did all the things you're supposed to do. And that emitted it took them a long time. And they're right in the middle of that also announcing pretty, you know, earnings that people were not thrilled with and then Facebook is out. It again. And this time they were caught paying teenagers to collect their date on an app and app and in doing so even though they got consent of teenagers. How that works to start with they violated Apple's very strict terms of service on the kind of certificate. They called it enterprise ticket. I'm not gonna go into technical. But it's they they were they were using the consumer facing way. So so apple, you know, shut them down including internal apps that Facebook uses on the on their on their staffs iphones. You know? I wanna parking apricot at I don't know what apps they're using. But there's a whole bunch of internal apps that these companies use and now these book isn't allowed to use them. And so apple pulled all their rights to do that. Which was so what's making apple sort of the regulator Facebook? So the first one was the apple bug were on Facebook. You got to listen to the conversation before people actually answered the phone. I'm sorry FaceTime. Excuse me. Thank you. Yeah. I think it's actually a little bit of a nothing burger, and the and the only thing I take away from it is that there's kind of universal karmic response. When you go on and any dignity too about privacy. You're gonna you're gonna start violating people's privacy. It's it's sorta when they kind of had a calming. I don't think it's a big deal. I think they've fixed it, I don't I really I think it makes for an interesting headline. But I don't I think it's a it's it's a big nothing appropriately. When it happened. Next. The thing the fight between. I mean, the other stuff the I actually think Facebook what they Facebook didn't as you know, neither I think our big huge fans of Facebook companies. Do this all the time. And I and it was about ten percent of the people were teenagers around at the age of eighteen they did get parental consent. What's research? What's more interesting? It's not clear, they got parental consent. They've shown that they the parents did were in fact contacted and that there was a consent flow as the term they use. I love the terms that Facebook puts out there. But it's not I don't I don't. I don't I don't know. They all do them and Facebook does a lot of it off. They want a lot of Google does them where you have is. What's interesting is that, sir?.

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