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Lee angelo ball and hear some needing to say thank you to trump for you know intervening on his behalf in um being let go from china over you know the whole shoplifting thing of the sunglasses and yatta yadav yatta now lasley i agree with trump and those boys should say thank you for basically getting them off um them not having the spin ted years of hard labour in a chinese jail they needed to say thank you and eventually they did they did a press conference after donald trump came out asking for them to say thank you they should have done at long before um trump came out talking about that data they haven't said thank you or whatever and blah blah blah that was last week this week now we got a war words going on between lavarra ball lee angelo balls father and trump what ended up happening was uh tmz i believe it was tmz or was some news organizations that caught lavarra ball in his outing wherever he was gone and asked him about the situation with lee angelo ball and trump intervening on his behalf and on saving him from you know having to serve a 10year sentence and lavarra balls response was who and of course that was major shea thrown at the president in after lavarra ball did that donald trump win went on over to twitter you know called lavarra ball ungrateful if it wasn't for him his son would be in jail in all of these years and blah blah blah he should let them sit there darren yet in a donald trump does is they so.

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