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Are independent well from love your shreveport by the way can you identify the impression i was trying to make the impression i was trying to do that keep jacco yes and keith jackson is a alumnus of lutte university washington state the washington state university absolutely world i'm up i'm i'm old enough to remember mr kallas oh that with his and paul right there and hear it here's where here's what an addict i am um i i know that we are days away from no more college football and so my wife is going insane because i'm watching the one aa i'm watching north dakota um i'm watching that stuff those playoffs which by the way a real playoffs i've been watching the wonderfully play a ever but sheep she'll come out and go what's house in state you know where what's what's what who's under the muggy university north dakota carson whence maybe you've heard of him and and i'm watching everything while i can and i've and watch that what was the stupid tart sherry bowl on monday there were there i some dough my god whatever the hell that was yeah there's some really really meaningless games that are out there some really meaningless games and it's funny because last year you remember the the carolina panthers number one draft pick heisman trophy awardee christian mccaffrey ripe for stand fry what he sat out of their ballgame last year a oh he come from a of sporting family his father was a great denver broncos receiver his dad said dude this is a meaningless ballgame and you know what your tempting your tempting fate you're going to blow yearning out and you will never play played down to professional football collins sick on this one and so josh rosen the quarterback for ucla arguably either the number one number two pick all of a sudden for their meaningless ballgame last night and they have their asses handed to them by room uh whoever he called in sick him he suddenly on a concussion and they went oh they have to do the concussion protocol on him well no knows because the guy knows that in a college football in or even a meaningless football game all it takes is out of after dozens of starts after fortysomething games your college career why tempt fate and be out there and put your your body on the.

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