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Henry is asleep in the tent when the sound of a twin otter plane wakes him up it. Sounds like ten helicopters in the silent world. He bolts upright and his sleeping bag will atoms. That's gotta be the ninety seven mile crew. They made it in. He still can't believe he and his crew had made it to the very same spot. Shackleton was a hundred years ago now. They'll be joined by two other. Descendants of the original nimrod crew. Tim freight who is the great great nephew of frank wild and dave cornell the great grandson of jamison atoms along with three others. Henry unzips the tent and meets a wall of frigid air blinking. in the brightness. He watches the small plane circles above them through the small windows. He sees a flurry of hands. Grabbing jackets hats and gloves the author flies down lately running. It's skis down across the surface. They're checking crevasses before landing. He can see dave cornell's face smiling out of a window as the plane passes by a moment later they any drop on the surface. They taxi past the union flag. Were henry staged a photo the day before a photo that exactly matches the one taken of shackleton and his crew a century ago henry thought he would be more excited but he suddenly feels a drop in his mood. It's been just him and his two teammates out here in the silence for fifty six days he and will an adams have gotten to know each other's quirks and habits now there will be a new dynamic at least for a while. Dave is the first out of the door horsley atoms cow. What you've done is amazing. Henry turns on his camcorder to film. Dave running toward his teammates wrapping them in a bear. Hug dave actually joined the project before henry dead and led the fundraising efforts. Then dave grabs henry shoulders so enthusiastically. He almost drops the camera. So many people have been following you. Henry it's unbelievable not unbelievable. I think shackleton was watching over us. Mattie bounds after him last time he saw her was when he and his team were training in norway. He remembers her lecturing them about teamwork. Hey mattie you ready for this maybe will actually beat you to the south pole. Henry's group and the newcomers have agreed to travel separately. So they have a chance to acclimate. Henry and his team have momentum. They don't wanna wait. They'll travel and ships checker boarding across each other. While one team sleeps. The other moves ahead matty laughs. It's not a race henry but since you mentioned it. Are you feeling good about the last stretch. I can't believe we're going to do it without shackleton's spirit urging us on but yes. I'm excited and exhausted. I bet maybe we will give you a rotten as the new team sets up their tents. They chatter nonstop about news. They missed in the past two months. It feels like a world away to henry one. He's not ready to go back to just yet. But there's still ninety seven nautical miles to reach the pole. Who knows what challenges. He still has to face on this vast continent or what else he might learn about himself. Frank wild stands on the rocky outcropping of shore looking out at the ice strewn see it's may second nineteen sixteen shackleton and his small crew had been gone for more than a week but wild can already sense worry on elephant island each night talk turns to all the different ways rescue might come. How many boats. How big the one thing they don't talk about is the very real possibility that shackleton's boat didn't make it through it's as if no one dares to say it out loud keeping hope alive is still key to surviving the long winter days wildness to give the mana task. Something to focus on him. He gathers the crew on the beach. Okay man we're going to need a stable shelter if we're going to survive for the next month anyone have any ideas. Silence wild claps. His hands come on man. The boss chose all of you for a reason. Let's think we need shelter walls and a roof george. Marston is the first to speak up. He's the expedition's artist. What if we use some of the larger rocks on the beach for the foundation. We could build her up about four feet high. Then we could put some the canvas over the top. Another one shouts what if the boats for roof turn them upside down. Suddenly the crew is excited. The men begin to pick up rocks and dragged them up the beach but it's a struggle for everyone. They're weak from hunger. They used to be able to easily handle a twenty pound boulder. Now have to stop every few feet to rest. It takes hours but finally they stack up enough to create the foundation of a hot then. They lift the boats into plates wild proud of them job. Well done men gather up your sleeping bags and let's move in with. The boats turned upside down the seats. Create perfect births for sleeping after dinner. They all fall asleep exhausted a little past midnight. A blizzard blows in waking the matt gusts of ice barrel down from the clips shaking the huts and whipping in with a small cracks wild lays in his bunk wondering if the roof will be knocked clear off the stones when the sun comes up. The hutch is still standing and macklin discovers. Everything is wet and frozen steph. Shoes clothes sleeping bags. The man begin to curse. I hate this damn island. Why do we even bother. It's hopeless no matter what we do. Fate seems determined to stop us. Wild knows how the men feel but showing it now won't do their spirits any good okay. Enough of the belly aches. We'll have a warm breakfast double helpings of heated milk. And then we'll get to work fixing the walls despite the huts shortcomings. Wild feels proud. Sure it has some cracks but it held through the storm you knows wherever shackleton is the conditions are worse just hopes the cared is holding to shackleton camp believe they actually found south georgia island across eight hundred miles of wild ocean and stormy skies with just wars lee skills to guide them. The site of the cliffs has given everyone hope when he speaks. His voice is soft and horse men. We done it as they get. Closer shackleton conc- patches of grass growing on top of the cliff..

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