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What's your opinion jim uh it's tough because in some ways you could say she she callan is doing all this for family immune bran lost use of his legs if she wants revenge for that isn't that a form of family yeah now neglecting her duties as a mother specifically toward brann who lost his fucking legs need is mom around and and a lot of the other stuff the cat one does count of goes against family and i i agree with that part of the email i just like where do you draw that line like 'cause the revenge is also part of the family yes but is a very complicated thing yeah and that i feel like that's more revenge was more tied up with duty and honor than it is with family you know because i suppose it more important to right the wrongs of more important to comfort and protect the families still have an ito's late starts interesting because it's essentially in the books cheese if you took cat and you stripped all of her human compassion and redeeming qualities and just left her with things that um stephanie points out here her her vengeance in her kind of a shortsighted pursuit of such um i dunno i dunno your it it i i want to rebel against the idea that she's the same asserts he because i see was a point of view character we kind of like are with her on the ride in descend into madness.

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