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For one the guys will hear talk about but had and this is episode nine knowing take scully's he's dragon is not a direct quote from the show it's close to it's close to what's the actual corners it well were about to hear it okay but my show lawrence friend of the pine shape and directed by here's some symmetry pham directed by david painter who also did the up a so we did with you and me like remember average drill drive are going to pitch we projected is image but the playstation happy about which was a trip yeah we should do out all my shows yeah at the plays that have been around and the i tim synopsis is fannie is going over boyd trying to find a new claire for the not crack kirk pushing all over dances beyond exhaustion on the show organizers a protest so some to watch the opening set in and the close insane addison the show organizers a protest is a part was synopsis the has not age well and these protest now it hasn't michel organizers in all lives matter it's also funny because it feels like her protests blake it comes in so lane and then when it does come like oh that's the protest yeah we barely fielding a protests it's just kind of like my coffee is les my coffee time i was like i was like she should get a copy maker she's you get a copy yeah gonna center copy make here's the lions i just gonna coffee maker not to be like you had a total lie merit about it but i just feel like and maybe this is like the wrong show to be talking about on but just like the two tenets of inning comp light like just intention obstacle and if we could off a are like i would just go get a coffee maker and spry not a good right intention my first thought when she was that this copy places like i'll go to a different copy plays and now he's count so i can believe that there aren't any in the night it was like she is not a coffee mager of all things to not have yeah she gets one thing and guys when coffee be entire time.

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