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Hey Kyle which said hi Andy. My question is for Giselle Hockey. Hey my questions for Giselle. Kansas has been attacking athletes since she's been on the show. Do you think that she's jealous eventually eventually and if so why yes absolutely they're both pageant girls. I don't understand the whole pageant girl thing but apparently it's a real thing and Dan candidate and make it as far as Ashley so I think that that's well no candidates considers that she'd candace was Miss United States harder right which is a pageant that I said to her. I don't know about this pageant. I I hosted the Miss USA pageant several times. Yes that's a big patch right yeah and and Ashley was missed. DC IN THE MISS USA is America in Miss America. Yeah okay very good. Okay so you feel miss. DC and Miss America outweighs Miss United States outweighs miss made up okay thoughts on this. I agree I no one has more credibility than Janice there you go. Let's by the way what was your reaction. You spend a lot of time in Baltimore your reaction to trump bashing Baltim- hated it did it. I mean we hate trump for so many reasons but he just keeps giving us more and more reasons to just like look at him like dude. You're not presidential. I just hated it. Why would you talk about a city like that. How `Bout Keep Make America great again. We'll make Baltimore great again. Don't translate okay. Let's go to Cooper from Brooklyn Cooper. What's your question. Hey my question is Tiki bar how was Gigi Lai Dolan's of the movie with Cardi B. and Jeff Lopez and moves your moment in the movie. My favorite moment in the movie would have to be a cross between when we were dancing on stage esther came out and we like onstage getting it and then the last scene of the movie were it's just us for for just myself. Lilly Jennifer Constance and we're dancing that moment was special because it just felt like a slumber party. You know what I mean the best summer party that you could have the whole movie was so much fun and you know that's how it felt. It felt like hanging out with girls in people that you love well. I love the three of you. You're all wonderful the more thanks for listening to the PODCAST. Everybody hope you enjoyed the show. Remember new episodes. Go live Monday through Friday at four four P._M. Eastern time. Make sure your subscribe to have a great rusty or night..

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