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Hearing on espn radio i am resolved show steven jackson than i do in the sit down this week he threw a half bill seeks rolled down to the scorer's table and landed right or wrong tip i went to guerra braun another guy those a bureau space and he just happened to be on as saying roll with me that this is probably the hardest binds them had any by with my life paul show mornings on span radio and on the espn app in reluctantly donnelly be in radio anyway back to the sea of love you want to go back to the idea that sounds like you're doing everything in your power to push me away from the towns like and all of your substantive thoughts his finger power it sounds like you're trying to push me off the there's like just taking the sports in the most annoying way possible wild thinking you're note that part shoul now thank the one stern on the radio radio glad poem still got what we try to do at least i think at least what i try to do it land shed was really sucks air of the show on the radio with me and you we're going to get it back neck if you're giants with your aghast at just how bad the ceaseless god's mike in my kid is unreal which is really going to beg the question what do you do with your other giants if they have a high pick and there are multiple quarterbacks with high grades war do they do hugh draft won and kia of your life for another year or two yes your draft one and say were will move it on and try and trade ally and just and the manning era going to be really interesting because this theme 100 nuts in my monica pierre radio in espn two two two two dez predator credits on.

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