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Back. I'll be talking about, you know, raises is off my mom passed away, lost a friend the same day. We'll get to that a little bit later on. I don't want to bore you the details of that. But some reflections on that coming up a little bit here too. We've got other business to take care of as well. And talking about officer Kevin Brown. This is a story. And I just spoke to Dan Hill's presently. F O P local odds there about the finding of an independent arbitrator saying there was no excuse excessive use of force buffs or Brown when he tastes an eleven year old girl stealing from the spring grove Kroger. It doesn't indict the girl countless kids every day. I think I still a little red truck in a pharmacy somewhere. We're on vacation, my brother. Stole baseball cards and got in trouble for it didn't taste obviously because mom caught him and wore them out. In my mom wore me out to teach us the valuable lesson of you don't steal you don't take stuff that doesn't belong to you, as a little kid eleven year old kid, shoplifting. It happens. It's a teachable moment. It generally doesn't end with a kid getting taste, though. But it doesn't mean that a teasing wasn't an order, when you still want your kid, maybe you'll shoplifting pilfered something, you probably didn't get caught. If you got caught it was by the store, owner, they called your mom or dad, and they came down, and you had to pay for that. But unfortunately, in the hood in some, some neighborhoods, you have security guards there for this very reason, off-duty detailed Cincinnati, police officers, like Kevin Brennan job, it is, and he's getting paid and overtime from Kroger directly to his pocket to, to prevent theft, and he was doing, of course his job. That's the context in which we're talking about here because it's different. And of course, he said, to at the time this is why stores closed this is why things go out of business in the city is.

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