President Biden, Lori Lightfoot, Pentagon discussed on Mark Levin


Going to be in California. And the Pentagon says that those first troops should be arriving there in a little over a week. This is all part of President Biden's pushed to set up 100, Mass vaccination centers all over the country within a month. FEMA has asked the Pentagon to supply as many as 10,000 service members to staff. Those 100 centers since announcement marks the beginning off the filling that request his Christian fish with White House as the bait razors on and many local school districts about whether kids should return to in person learning, White House chief medical advisor Dr Ransome Pathology supports getting kids back in class. Can't have Children going back to school as we've had in the past without necessarily having everyone vaccinated. All the teachers are all the students vaccinated. Chicago teachers unions has Mayor Lori Lightfoot and district officials have walked away from negotiations about covert safety protocols. Yesterday, Lightfoot said they had made what she called their last best offer. President Biden standing by his proposed nearly $2 trillion coronavirus relief package. I said the biggest risk is not going to big If we go is if we go too small. The Republicans have said the proposal is too big. They had unveiled a much smaller package earlier this week. This is the House and Senate have both move forward with the procedure that would get the president's plan approved with a simple majority. A judge has ruled that Republican Claudia Tenney has defeated incumbent Democrat Anthony Brindisi, who represents central New York by 109 votes in the country's last undecided congressional race. America.

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