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Lanes independence works better for now. Still crowded at the Potomac river bridges on a mile day evening congestion will linger later and that goes for I three 95 both ways between crystal city and Capitol Hill. And outbound in the whitehurst of Potomac freeways toward the key and Roosevelt bridges. On the beltway through Maryland and Virginia, there is still congestion, but it is less intense than it was last hour. In prince George's county, still a slow roll around the outer loop passing Andrews, the crash after exit 13 is clear, still heavy on both loops of the belt way between Silver Spring and Bethesda, a distraction on the right shoulder of the outer loop near to 70. At old Georgetown road, the rollover crash was southbound at the I two 70 ITER change, some traffic might be getting by by now, but at last report it was stopped with an SUV on its side. Italy traffic is still slow leaving mcclain across the American legion bridge. Better between the beltways on 95 southbound leaving Baltimore delays are easing on 95 the long-standing crash after route 100 is clear. Parkway traffic still slow from 32 audit off into Laurel. Two 70 starting to ease up northbound brief delays now in Gaithersburg, in Virginia, is still slow on 95 southbound into woodbridge. 66 beginning to clear out outside of the beltway, had a crash in the George Washington Parkway, northbound near belhaven wrote, and there you're under police direction. Dave dildy and WTO pay traffic. Two, the weather and Amelia Draper, what a beautiful night. We'll stay dry out there tonight with lows in the low to mid 40s as skies become cloudy.

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