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And he said everybody's gonna put with flag it, and we said, well, what about an eight footer on the seventy second green at the master's. And he goes look I've done things unconventional. I don't care how they look if I think it's gonna let me win what I'm gonna find fascinating is the years. She did this for pace of play. That's it and for you. And I if we go out if we leave the flagstick in we are going to pick up a little bit of time. It is easier. I've done it. It speeds up play for these guys you have Bryson DC info, and Adam Scott and others who have seen it as a competitive advantage. And that's not what the rulemakers intended at all. And I think if we get to the end of the season embracing Shambo is kept it in on every putt, he's leading the tour and strokes game. Putting I think they're gonna take a closer look at it, regardless of the optics. No, it doesn't look great. They did not intend this to be a competitive advantage. But will there be guys leave it in no matter what price and did? I mean he did for the first two weeks of the season. And it creates an awkward situation when you have one guy pay with Dustin Johnson. He wants it out one guy wanted, and it's kind of awkward, it doesn't look good. There's going to be times again, if if the guy leaves it in on the eighteenth hole Augusta then we're going to have some problems Rex harder. Joining us. It's a weird weird. Look. All right. So also the knee height drop rule. What do you make of that so far, and what are the players make of that rule? It again, not a good look to see guy curtsying. I mean, we can't come up with a good idea. It's funny. I was jokingly saying to guys I can't show you visually. But it's kind of like a proposal is sort of how the US Jay wants you to do it. We go down on one knee. And I told a couple of guys that and you're just shaking their heads. And the problem is going to be is. And we've already seen it the first three weeks of the season guys are so accustomed to going to shoulder height that it's immediately. That's where they're going to go to and you're gonna end up redrafting, and it's going to create issues now six months from now, we'll probably not talking about it. But I've seen some ugly drops it again, not a good. Look Rex Hoggard is my guest erects aside from tiger. And speed. What are some of the other story lines that you're interested in seeing and how they play out this year? Joe Jason day. I mean, the defending champion here. He's okay. With the media yesterday. I mean, he certainly has all the tools in place. We've seen can get to number one in the world. We've seen win majors in as well as he puts. He really broke it down during the offseason, and what he needed to get better at and that was his iron play. And he said yesterday if he can hit seventy percent of his greens in regulation for the season. He feels like you can get back to that dominant timeframe. And I just don't know this'll be a good week for him. Because it's a challenging golf course. And you do have to control your golf ball. And as you get further into you know into the regular season. But again, the competition is so hard now he's going to have to do better or so we'll see this week better idea. But how close do you think years? It's a pain that guy who's right in the hunt for every major the way he used to be I think at that level. He's very close. And again, this is just a matter of percentages last year. He had sixty five point two percent of his fairways this year. If you hit seventy he feels like he can be dominant. So the difference between twelfth in the world, and I in the world, it's five percentage points. I mean, if you want to break it down that way, I mean is a a very finite amount of time. And again, you have so many players just. Rose nothing Johnson all of these players that you need to contend with. I think it's going to be hard for anyone to be dominant for a long period of time. All right. So who do you like this week, Jon Rahm actually the name that keeps cropping up? I mean, he he's one here before he seems to do all the things you need to do. Well, in this golf course, particularly off the tee. I mean, he's bowled. You see we just talked about the younger players. He has no fear whatsoever. When it comes. He doesn't see rough or bunkers or water hazardous whatever the case may be he just wants to hit the driver's hard as he can. And that's a good combination. Here. You know, he was on the show recently for the first time Rex I'd never spoken to him before. I could not be more impressive watching from afar. Obviously, I've got great respect for his game. But for him to come here. And then go to college the way he. Learn a second language and deal with everything he's dealt with could not be more impressed with him as a guy in a player. He's an amazing athlete. First and foremost, I think he probably played any sport. But he told a story last year in December about getting pulling Tiger Woods and Sunday singles, and we were just talking about this and everyone wanted it. And then his name came up. And he said I didn't sleep that night. So nervous and Thomas Bjorn going back to the captain he kind of put it as simply kid, and it's like you just need to go out and play as well as you can forget about who's on the other side. Don't try to compete with him. Just trying to beat the golf course Rex Hoggard right on cue Rex number seven. Joining me in person, Rex I appreciate you all the interviews over the years and civilized you come together in person, really good to see you. Thank you, pleasure to get to meet you. Thank you so much man you to golf channel senior writer. Andy co host a morning drive. Here's Rex number seven Rex Harvard. We come back with their third and final hour. We are live at Torrey. Pines? Phone lines are open phone calls next..

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