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KYW's John mcdevitt reports twenty two year old Tyler lampy of Gettysburg was found guilty of raping an unconscious West Chester university student as she. Late in her bed. After attending a Saint Patrick's Day party in March of two thousand sixteen who's also charged with sexual assault, aggravated, indecent, assault and indecent assault. Muggle? Noon is the first assistant in the Chester county. DA's office the survivor of this rape deserves tremendous credit for strength and resolve drought. This long process have been inspiring. This is a sad case. But an important lesson that taking advantage of anyone whether they are drunk or for any other reason is completely unacceptable and a crime that'd be then nineteen was on break from West Point and seeing overnight at the unidentified students placed with friends when the attack occurred lampy is out on bail is sentencing date has yet to be scheduled John mcdevitt KYW, NewsRadio jersey officials in charge of the medical marijuana program. Or getting the word out consumers can now find out how much they're cannabis will cost before they go to a dispensary to pick it up KYW's. David Madden reports some thirty three thousand people are signed up under the program, which is stole down through a half a dozen facilities across the state not that they're look. To set up a price war mind, you Jeff Brown and assistant Commissioner at the department of health says it's more a matter of patient, convenience allowing alternative treatment centers to post pricing information on their public websites and via other social media account prior. They were only able to give this at their facilities and the actual physical printed lists states in the process. Doubling the number of dispensaries to twelve with more than one hundred thirty applications pending review. Meanwhile, legislators are working on measure to legalize marijuana in New Jersey for adult recreational use a September deadline to get that done as passed in the end of October doesn't look all that good either. David Madden, KYW NewsRadio. Get.

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