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Group of artists known houseman. Because i know housman lived up in that area to maybe that was part of the training. Beat author was that. That's interesting. I i didn't know renee had a background in upstate. New york as well heart of his youth was growing up there. I think with a lot of artists around him what he told me. Well one thing that is happening as we record this is actually tomorrow but this will be after it runs is a museum science fiction who i respect greatly is doing this really cool thing. We're both you gentlemen. And dr mark ogrin Is going to be onstage or actually not on stage these days but probably resume unsown keen stage theatre during quarantine. I'm telling you but that's going to be really special and actually i I asked us to dr okay. I'm gonna ask you gentlemen. Were there ever any words that you were supposed to say in klingon that maybe you to dr okra as somebody saying what you got me saying here i was. I was privileged to sort of do a whole dictionary kind of thing I did a cd-rom and they added a whole section of learning klingon. And i was to be the teacher And it was some of the first tries at trying to do. I don't know what you call it. A video where somebody could talk pack and and and i would tell you whether you did it right The technology wasn't there but the idea was and But i couldn't do any of it because so they flew mark in to sit next to me and he would tell me how to do the word and And i would do the word and he said no bob that that's not right you have to spend more so it was very covid. Nineteen not not good the way klingons talk and so we definitely have to wear masks but he said he was very patient with me and sometimes at the say word like three or four times before i got the actual accent and was able to turn to camera and he was literally two feet away from them and then the camera was two feet away from me so he would tell me i would try and then i do. It took care of her And this went on for two day. I think would took us two days to film it it. It was a lot of fun. And i enjoyed. But you know. Mark than i sorta became very close in and it was great that we got to know each other. Then could years. We got no other medic. Well what's funny is. I played that cd rom. And i went to the language lab work our on. It appears on the on the holiday and and so me being little younger and more impatient. I said i don't wanna do the thing. Let me go right to the ship. And i'm on the klingon bird. Pray and i. I do something or say something. That's not wrong and geron would appear essentially cursed me out in klingon every time. I should should've been curse including that's right that's right. That was a lot of fun to do that. I have to admit is this the. Cd-rom called klingon. Start going on. Yeah yeah yeah I was. I think i was on that as i played the old klingon didn't have much to say. Yeah yeah but. I think that is absolutely was and When i when. I read for that Jonathan frakes directed it. And when i read for that. I can't do a sequence in learn english learning the reading script overnight before i went into audition. There was a sequence. It was in klingon three or four or five lines. And i said well this is ridiculous. I have no idea how to pronounce these words. I don't know what they mean. Screw that i'll use a foreign language argues about. What could i use french. French sounds like french spanish lou. German getting closer. Oh i know. Latin and the because my mother was a latin teacher. I took too much latin through l. Through high school and college but i learned a memorize a long long long long time ago. Nineteen seventy-one a thing called Cicero's oration against caroline. And so i went right into it. I was saying war. You see that is quote may take Notre on debt so it went on for a while. And when i was done. Frank said You know i've never had anybody auditioning in in latin before laughing at me and he said but i love latin and he said i. There's nothing written for you in this in this cd-rom but i'm going to ask the writers to write you in. So that's how. I got that first job. On bob's rahm called data and he's on the cover and as it's always been in fact much later like thirty years ago i got chance through a introduce at the at a thing in los angeles somebody at forget james conway or doug conway can't remember who had asked me to if i could introduce buzz aldrin. Who was in the audience to bring him up. And i said sure what Everybody knows. Exactly what i know it. I have no self. You know. So i said i to work up something. So i said the like introduce gentlemen now whom you all know is buzz aldrin and about way buzzword. How did you get that name buzz. I said we're living. Oh then i remembered all it's nineteen sixty nine all of course you and neil armstrong were on your way and i could see it now. Buzz abcradio the moon. He last thank goodness is good but yeah no. I don't know what i'm sorry about. Charge a funny story funny story. I'm are you going say something. No i was gonna. I was gonna say you introduced. No did you introduce me first. And then bob yes. That's the way it never goes that way. Really it always goes gal ron and march hawk. The and i said it's it's like it's like neil armstrong and buzz aldrin. It only shade that right so he said that way absolutely. That's the funny thing about both of you. Is that your first appearance on star trek. You're not playing klingons. Oh i wasn't. I didn't know you were bob. My first job was In the holiday that guy was a gangster in the big goodbye with when they went into the into the thirties and forties. Oh is that when you were dealer now. I know i was a gangster. I was I it wasn't well explained. That was part of the actual story that it wasn't.

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