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Push it up court across the timeline is high on the right side. The Williams step back wide open is gonna take the three he will take it missed it. Rebound away to McKinley. That'll give him Dutch in double digit rebounds and the column bottle buffaloes victorious. In Palo Alto 69 51 are Johnson the call Right here on K Away last night, So you kicked off four game road trip and picked up their third straight that winning Stanford. You heard Mark mentioned McKinley right, the fourth, who finished with 14 points, nine assists and nine rebounds. And is now just two rebounds away from 600 his career whenever he does grab those two boards will become the first player in the history the Pac 12 Conference to score 1600 career points, Dish out 600 assists and grab 600 rebounds. He'll have a great look at that tomorrow in the bus late, Cal our coverage right here on K Away starts at 7 30 tip off at eight. Nuggets will try to make it two wins in a row tonight when the thunder roll into town tip of a ballerina at seven. The Broncos Addison defensive line depth yesterday signing Isaiah Mac, a third year player out of Tennessee Chattanooga. Over the first two seasons. He's played 21 games with the Titans and Patriots. One other name they could add to the defensive line, although it seems unlikely is former three time defensive player of the year JJ Watt, who was released by the Texans this morning. He is now a free agent. The real question is, is that proceed? The move of trading quarterback to Shawn Watson, that sports and grainy, crystalline, killing his radio on the Broncos buffs and Rocky's Hey away news. Radio time is 8 47. Now on Colorado's Morning news today, it's the Trump team's turn to present their case in the Senate impeachment trial, House manager Jamie Raskin says the defense will have a lot to respond to our friends must work to answer all of the overwhelming, detailed factual and documentary evidence we have introduced of the president's clear and overwhelming guilt. But they may not have the numbers in order for Trump to be convicted. 17 Republican senators would have to cross the aisle and vote along with Democrats. Three Republican senators met last night with Donald Trump's lawyers ahead of today's impeachment defense. Trump lawyer David Show and said the senators were very friendly guys who just wanted to make sure they were familiar with procedure on the eve of Trump's defense in the Senate trial, the senators who met with Trump's attorneys last night Lindsay Graham, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, US is ramping up its efforts to buy more Corona virus vaccines. We signed the final count. Tracks for 100 Million more Madonna and 100 Million more. Fizer vaccines. President Biden says the U. S will now have enough of both to get every American inoculated by the end of July. German Chancellor Angela Merkel extending the country's growing virus lockdown. It was originally supposed to end Sunday but now will extend until March. 7th Miracles cited getting virus spread further under control to combat a possible third wave of infections because of covert mutations. German officials also working to get schools where you open for in classroom learning city of Our office is in a number of facilities are closed today for an employee furlough day one of five put in place because of the pandemic. Closures include all municipal offices, courts and libraries coming up here in Colorado's Morning news. How can the trump team re but arguments from house impeachment managers when they present their case? Today we go get the latest from D C and talk with ABC Legal analyst Dan Abrams next right now we check the Dr John Morrissey. What he's seeing.

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