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Years old. Thanks very much for having a sale at. All you guys have a full head of hair at I'm completely bald. So. Did you get ahead? And I don't shave. But anyway, so you guys have been doing this as you said for twenty nine years, and we're having a little conversation off the air that you guys actually opened up for Michael Jackson. You've done the same for Celine? Dion. What was what was that like opening up for alleged like that Michael Jackson? I mean, the crowds had to be normal. Right. Yeah. It was pretty amazing. We did it. I was in about ninety six ninety seven. We released our first album in nineteen Ninety-six industry, and we had the opportunity to to support Michael Jackson in Australia at the time. And then then we went on to do it around Europe with him as well all the shows on his history. And it was pretty it is incredible, you know, doing stadium. And when do you get that phone call who calls you up and says, hey, we want you guys to open up for for Michael Jackson. Christie's how did Martha Jackson get out phone? I mean, that's incredible. Well, I'm at the head of our record company in Australia. Got him Dennis handling has been one of our biggest fans for years, but one of the longest standing signed acts to sunny, Australia. He because Michael Jackson was on sunny records, his boneless Dili's. So I think it was a was a family in family decision. But I had a lot to do with that. And it was kind of. We'll just breaking in Michael was coming to Australia for his biggest tour in years. So just he was just perfect timing that we would be there and he wanted to straight act I've been for him. And and we were we were ready, and we we might count was great. So I I've heard stories that people who have worked with Michael Jackson, even people in his band for years. He just never really interacted with them at all. Did you guys even ever get a chance to actually talk to him or meet him or anything? Did we did Forty-five shows with him and met him on the forty four? Pasta in the cargo sometimes, but he was always surrounded by security that was the crazy thing. But we got to know he's banned, and we got to know the crew and even the security guards that would totally comfortable with us that in sort of tell us to shut outdoor anything forty three shows with Michael Jackson. You don't meet him? What does he what you guys? How does that work? You guys are in a room, and he just walks in and says, hey, guys, how're you doing? We asked we asked if he could made him the fest forty-three show come win, and we're gonna have these happen. So then we met him like five minutes before he went onstage one night. We we went into his side of stage dressing room. And it was great meeting him. He told Taibbi luck t shirt, he told us that he told us that he was in that room getting ready every not which he was he was in that side of state's dressing room while we were performing, and he told us that you know, we sounded really great. And he loved listening to us. It's not. So that was really nice to have some memory. You never forget and selene beyond you guys open up for her to help house out. Yeah. I mean, it was completely different. She was so involved with everybody. I wonder why she's different than Michael Jackson. I should add. It was also amazing. Actually, we did we were doing both the Michael Jackson and slain at the same time in Europe. So we would literally do a show one not get in the in the boss drive of an art democra- Jackson show, the next I fly the next night. I got a slingshot. So is crazy time that the Selena experience. Amazing. She was very generous. She actually let us use her loading loading upright who we've actually subsequently used Frau L show here in Vegas a couple of times. Yes, she was very generous and beautiful to work with. That's really awesome. I I should mention in just a few minutes. I'm going to be giving a pair of tickets away to see you guys perform, and you guys are going to sing in a couple of minutes as well. So stay tuned for that. And I also understand that the show will go a holiday right human nature's rock and holiday jukebox. That is November twenty seventh. Correct me if I'm wrong. Talk to me a little bit about how the show changes a little bit changes complaining. I mean, we we we by sound showers on some of the records that we'd made over these this jukebox record that we did a few years ago is now kind of what we based the show on. Now, you know, obviously, we've we do different. We bring up to the songs from today in there as well. To kind of you know, the songs backing those fifties and sixties tells they're still kind of inspiring music today. The holiday show is based on at Christmas album that we released a few years ago, and it's all just great great holiday songs. He no, I just it's a really fun show that I think people once you know, that that thanksgiving time comes and people getting to that holiday spirit. I think we just love doing at Christmas show and people seem to have fun. So means joint, then there's not many people on the planet that can sing for a living. Make a living. I mean growing up I'll ask all for you guys. This question to answer. When did you realize that you guys each individually had a gift, and and you thought to yourself? Hey, mom and dad, I think I can do this for living like when did you guys realize that? Yeah. I mean, I guess when we after we'd go to deal, and we'd about that I record, and we actually didn't do a very first headline tour for for a while. Because we actually went on did some promotion over in Europe. And we did these other tours, and then we came back to Australia first headline tour it was an arena tour because the first album of als did really well. And this, you know, thousands of people coming out to see how show all of a sudden was like a real wake-up. Wow. This is okay. This could really bay something. You know, we've been having fun doing this stuff. But now we're selling out this head lottery arena tour strider, it was it was an awesome. Awesome feeling. Yes. Ever get nervous in performing when we we actually get to go home and do some big shows back there. And we know every time we will usually creating a new tour. So it's usually in that that time when you're launching something new whether even hear the jukebox show removed from the from the link. I remember being super nervous that day just because you have such high speed of what you want to deliver. And you know, that's more more pressure. You put on yourself just to to be as good as he can be. And and Hypo the rehearsals, payoffs, I mean as an athlete, you know, obviously athletes have a bad game once in awhile, right? They're not what is it like as a musician because I talked to some us editions singers. Whether you're planning Qatar and instrument where they say, well some nights they're a little off. Now, usually the crowd, you won't know it because somebody like me, I'm an idiot gay. I I don't know whether you guys are offering like a to me, you guys always sound great. I'll thank you guys know it like when you're at. We're a little bit off. We were a little bit off that show. How does that work do feel that definitely some not? So I mean, the crowd there are some nights where you feel off before you go inside, you just think, oh, this is gonna be a tough not. But when you get on stage, the audience always does give you a bit of a lift. And if like, for instance, if you're feeling seek there's this thing called Dr stage, which is basically you go on stage, and you feel better no matter how secure ourselves. But and it's the same with the performance if you're feeling a bit rough, and it's tough performance, you generally try to feed off the audience and the audience is different from like, say Australia. How would you say they're different here in America? Well here in America, we have to kind of, you know, not a lot of people here have heard of us. So they coming into say the show, and let's see what this is all about whereas in Australia, the very excited to see his right from the get-go. So for us here. The first five or ten minutes is trying to convince the people that they've made the right choice to come in. And generally, we do that we get the audience up and dancing by the NFL enjoyed it. So we we actually relish the challenge because there's no refunds after.

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